round my neck

ever find a $5 bill in your pocket? That’s what this blog post is. I totally forgot that I wrote this a long time ago and I just saw it there, sitting in my drafts, feeling all neglected and waiting a fair post like all the other writings. So i decided that even though its very old, I’d shoot it out to you. here it is.

As a throwback to my childhood bead store days, I made a necklace the other night. I randomly gathered objects on my trip to Sweden/Europe and being the pack rat I am…brought em back with me to America. A key I found on the ground in the crazy drug lord part of Copenhagen (Christiana). A Danish Coin. And many other keepsakes that have no real worth besides memories and happiness. and EXCEPT for the fact that I made a sweet necklace out of it. Here is what it looks like. Kinda sorta vintage/ghetto…but I like it. PLUS when people say, “oh where did you get that?” Than I can say…all over the world. I made it. And another plus…there is no chance I will see another person skippin down the street with my necklace on. It’s a one of a kind baby.  

on the 5th day: she made this necklace.


It was all to easy to make and if you have an old necklace – one where the original gem/charm fell off – dont throw it away! keep it and when you have some memory worth item, just tack it on and viola! you have a one of a kind necklace. I realize you probably don’t have a random key from Copenhagen, but I just love the idea of actually keeping and using tokens you gather on trips. because, unfortunately, i think it is all too common that the must-haves we bring back from a trip end up in a box under your bed. i love having stories behind the items I display – and now I have a story behind the necklace i wear round my neck.

tomorrow. tomorrow.  i love ya. tomorrow. 4 siblings will show up here then. come back for a formal introduction then.


~ by Andria on April 5, 2010.

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