sail. swoon.

A few sources have fed into my reason for writing today. Well, first of all, what do I think about April Fools?  Hmmm, I really really wanted to think and brainstorm a great bomb to drop on those closest to me. You know, “I have an odd disease.” “I am joining the Navy.” “I’m moving to LA.” (oh wait, NO ONE got that the first time I joked about it). But I just couldn’t come up with one that was worth fabricating. What a let down for this years great humorish holiday. The best one I ever pulled back in HS  was that I WAS moving to Phoenix, all along with tears and a sob story. Everyone believed it. But then I had to tell everyone it was a joke before they went and planned my going away party. Annnyway, I’m rambling but my point is, isn’t is a weird holiday? Play a nasty joke on your closet friends? Where did this holiday come from after all?

So, instead or a great prank report, I am sharing what has been on my mind with friendship – both with those closest to me and the ones that are at an arms-business-like-networked distance away. Yet still a friend.

I don’t have family in town but still I feel like I do. I am so lucky to have such a supportive-fun-motivated-bomb set of friends here in Seattle. Most of them being girls – most of them being specific girls – but also mixed in there with a few good men. (get it? The movie?) I came across an old poem you’ll see below, and it really reminded me of what I was already feeling this week. A week usually does not go by without being blessed by a friend – which is true for this week. What does it matter if you’re the most successful person in the world – and you have no one to share it with at the end of the day? How scary is it to be going through a rough patch – if you don’t have the security of another’s help? How can falling asleep compare to someone being there strumming you to slumber? Are slurpie-runs just as fun alone? All these things – I’m just thankful that I have people in my life who answer those questions.

Sometimes a good deed or generous act can leave you dumbfounded. Sometimes a surprise can leave you overwhelmed with thankfulness. It’s these moments I want to remember and be grateful for in the friendships I have. I know I sound all oozy goozy today – but I’m just writing what’s on my mind. I know these relationships are a two-way road, so when the above happens, I know it is just then my turn to return the favor. Here. Read the poem below (or don’t) – I thought it was a really great piece. Don’t skip over. Really, it’s good.

When trouble comes your soul to try,

You love the friend who just “stands by.”

Perhaps there’s nothing he can do —

The thing is strictly up to you;

For there are troubles all your own,

And paths the soul must tread alone;

Times when love cannot smooth the road

Nor friendship lift the heavy load,

But just to know you have a friend

who will “stand by” until the end,

whose sympathy through all endures,

Whose warm handclasp is always yours–

It helps, someway to pull you through,

Although there’s nothing he can do.

and so with frevent heart you cry,

“God bless the friend who just ‘stands by’!”

Secondly. I was really blessed this week with the aspect of outside friendships and new relationships budding. Something I will never get sick of in being a photographer is the fact that I get to spend time and meet with so many awesome people I would never have. This is both with clients and then other industry people. Also – I’m sorry – but dumb as it sounds, I’ve met some really cool people through Twitter. Yes, Twitter. And have been inspired/entertained through seeing so many others’ blogs or daily tid bits that give me ideas, laughs, connections. Weird, but its true! Anyway, I just feel so blessed to have this aspect associated with what I will be doing in my career. It’s the coolest thing to receive emails and words from others who share their story with me. This week especially. People can be so honest with where they are and what they want me to capture. It makes it all the more motivating to produce a final product that fulfills what they wanted. It’s a high and a rush. I love it. I know I’m doing what I’m suppsed to be.

With that, it was also neat (yes, neat) to find a few spots where my work or name is highlighted. After my roommate informed me I was listed on a site she regularly visits – ok, a wedding blog – as a photographer – I also was contacted by a Seattle Metropolitan Mag & Seattle Met Bride Mag editor that I wil be featured on their site/blog (coming soon! Details and link to come). Lovely. And then I took a peek into the incoming links/referrers I see on the back-end blog stats of mine and saw that I’m listed on a few other sites. How nice. It is fun though to see and be a part of this whole networked Seattle city. People think it’s a big city – but I think once you live here, you realize it’s not all that big. It’s likely the girl down the street knows someone you know. Anyway – just a note that although it may not be instinctive to chat up and build relationships with others in your industry – really is fun to form friendships and get to know others who share the same passion. Here’s a little link to those who have me listed on their site. Go and check them out. See their stuff and their writings. You may find something fun to read/follow.

Seattle Art Institute News & Events


Love Made Visible Events

The Emerald Dandy

Settle Metropolitan Magazine

Renewing My Mind – Marisa Loper

This may have been a ramble post but I just felt inclined to share what’s been on my mind. I’ve always always wanted to do something that put me in front of new people constantly. New environments. New lives. And I am so grateful that that is exactly what I get to do in photography. May be true for other jobs – but I’m happy that this is where I get my fill and in the loyal friends that are my family. Plus my real family is pretty freakin fantastic too. but that’s a given. If you’re not as big a fan of the diary posts – come back Monday for some PHOTO time.


~ by Andria on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “sail. swoon.”

  1. Love this , Love you!

  2. You’re so wonderful Andria! Thanks for the love 🙂

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