captured: sister sister.

when i was a little girl, i loved to dream up all these grown up play situations with my little sister meagan. of course, they were all channeled through barbies, playhouses, and easy bake ovens….but still, she and I have some great memories of growing up glued to each others sides. i believe the biggest lovers are also the harshest fighters – with siblings that is, i’d hope to never think that acceptable of a love relationship. She and i played well and fought well. haha. definitely some punches, scratches, hair pullings mixed into the sugar n spice of our girly times. that’s sisters for you. last time i checked though, you can’t give your sister the boot so you might as well mend up the scratches and hold on to the moments of cookie bakings and dress up. love you meggy.

Janie and Meg (hello, meg, what a coincidence!) are sisters just a few years apart and super cute together. Janie takes care of meg and helps her listen 🙂 Meg is giggly and full of movement and all sorts of cuteness. Together, they remind me of my sister and I. I had a fun time with them on Friday when i was shooting their baby bro who i showed off here yesterday. they very much so wanted to be in the spotlight as well. hello. we shared some time in their pink bedroom and in front of the mirror getting some up close looks at their faces. really, look at meg’s eyes – seriously beautiful. and i just loved how eager janie was to 1) help 2) listen 3) show off her super grin. there brother got the total spotlight yesterday, so these two get it today. here they are: janie and meg. sister sister.

thats a wrap with the kavulla kids. i really enjoyed meeting them and spending a few hours in their home. that has to be one of the funnest (yet craziest) time in your life. bring your new baby home to 2 kids, a hubby and allllll under one roof. im wishing them a good nights sleep. 🙂 and some peace and quiet. thats it for today. you may or may not see some beach. sand. and smiles here tomorrow.

~ by Andria on March 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “captured: sister sister.”

  1. Great job Andria…these are bad A. Love the image with her open hand against her mouth!

  2. Wow the eyes is right, captured their darling personalities here… love the close ups… great job

  3. I love the shadowed one with Meg from behind. Andi you just have to make those blue eyes color! Just too pretty to be all black and white 🙂

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