captured: everett james.

i’m so so excited to share this today. we have a new, fresh out of the oven baby up on the blog today. Everett Jame Kavulla. First of all, james. You may not know I used to have an unhealthy obbsession with the name James. I was convinced i was going to marry a man named james, which was always a sort of awkward moment a guy would introduce himself as James. I’d think, ok, is he the one? haha. I’m over the james obbsession but I still love it for a middle name. I met a new baby boy last weekend, Everett James. what a precious little boy. i held it in when they told me his middle name. His mama, Katie, found me through word of mouth and a little bird out on the East Side. I just had to ask how she found me. Plus her and her husband, Josh, are SPU alums. We were destined to meet.

Katie and Josh just brought home their new babe this last week. Home to a new house in Magnolia and 2 sisters eager to hold him, kiss his toes, and soon teach their skills to him on the iPhone. I think the dynamics of two older sisters is funny. Guys who grow up with sisters are totally tuned into a whole different world. But somehow, when the family is all boys and just one girl, they end up being not so tuned into the world of girl. I happen to think those with several sisters are just a bit ahead of the game. You have a good future Ev.

So I walked up to their house with a magically open door. It was Janie, the oldest and best little helper in the family. She was swooning over her brother all morning and so eager to have me capture just how good she is at being a big sister. Meg. the little middle lady. what a cutie and spunky personality. I dont know that she was all that into the whole photographer thing, but the camera loved her and her expressions cracked me up. Everett was just as cute as anything i’ve seen before and seriously the tiniest little bundle. Fit perfectly in his mama’s hands. man, we have some real cuties to show off here.

I was there to capture him in his first week of being home. being alive. being a Kavulla. it was a nice change to shoot inside with the warmth and comfort of a home. We were all relaxed and having fun. I loved how the girlies got all dressed up as Highschool Musical was blasting in the background. They got all dolled up in their accessories. So cute. Everett was a great model. He was amazingly awake and alert for most of the shoot and totally ok with my camera being all up in his space. i am seriously in love with the following photos and am so honored to been asked to take his first photos of being alive. Take a peek at this little guy. He is so precious.

Sibling Time

life in color

{ so-so-so in love with this image }

is this not the cutest little foot you’ve ever seen?

Did you just want to squeeze him and kiss his little toes? I know. I know. ahhh babies. i was also there to take a few of his sisters. they were charmers and will be up on the blog tomorrow. yipee. see you then.


~ by Andria on March 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “captured: everett james.”

  1. Great work A! The Kavulla’s are a dynamite group and good looking bunch. You did a great job capturing Ev!

  2. Your pictures get better and better every session! I love reading your blog and obsessing over your pictures…every time I decide it can’t get any better and then your next blog comes and it does! Can you please do baby pictures for me whenever I have a little one, they are my absolute favorite!

  3. L-O-V-E these! You really captured these ones!

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