captured: boudoir beauty

there are many thing i’m looking forward to in being married. im not even engaged, so i’m not flirting with any of those marriag-ey topics right now and skipping on to a woman who is married. i’ve been waiting to get this post up for over a month. thats a long time in blog days. finally. she has arrived. remember back in february when i told you about the secret valentines shoot i did, here? well, i got the go-ahead to post a few photos from the shoot. now, i’m not running a Victoria’s Secret website here and these are real people whose husbands actually care about a little too much of their wife being on the internet. understandable. so with that, keep in mind these are 6 out of several hundred. what i think the most artistic and creative….can’t actually be shown. just go with me.

i said it before, but i had no idea i would have such an amazing experience with this type of shoot. i think it is such a beautiful concept. i think we all know just how critical society is on women, and the biggest critic often times being ourselves. having your photo taken is already an incredibly vunlerable thing, but this is a whole different type of vulnerability. but one that, i think, all women should be a part of. there is an incredible amound of class and beauty in a confident woman. i know that she felt beautiful, she was radiant and every woman deserves to see herself this way – nothing less that with the eyes that her husband views her through. i know that even some looking at these will say, “well i dont look like her, i don’t have her body.” and that is the whole idea in itself that i want to tackle with this type of photography. it goes beyond the images you receive. its the feeling you have. the pride you grab a hold of in yourself.

as i look back over my work and the shoots i’ve been able to do, when i see myself  at my best if you will…it’s in bringing out the beauty of a woman. i have been dabbling in many types of photography, but i see myself most creatively flowing/growing/enjoying with women and bringing out their unique beauty. i love working with girls. women. and as i move forward into my career i want to actively pursue this genre and style. now, not all of it has to be Boudoir. lingerie and cupcakes. but i would love to be a part of projects where I can work with a woman one-on-one and give her images that make her feel the best she’s ever felt looking at a photo of herself. there are many other reasons behind this style: the husband. the marriage. valentines. birthdays. anniversaries. but who says you need a reason to just have an image of yourself that you are damn proud to show. even if it is to a select few. i think its a lovely idea.

so with that, im coming out saying i want to do more of this. if you. or your girlfriend. mom. sister. are engaged or already married and you think this is an experience you’d like, lets chat. i’m so excited to be attending a meeting this friday about this very topic. if you’re a woman and you’re interested…i have some more images that you may be interested in seeing. this is exciting and im excited.

enough talk. here. look. sorry if you were hoping for a whole spread just get a few innocent teasers.

 i’d love to hear your thoughts on this ladies. guys, you can too, but im betting you’ll never come forward with a comment. i have to say a thank you to this woman “M” and her husband for being willing to let me share these images. it’s my hope that this will not be the last. i hope you can see/imagine just how fun this stuff is. i know it can be a touchy topic, one maybe some are a little shy about, but i do know that everything we got was classy, stunning, and for herself just as much as it was for her husband. ta-ta. thats all for now. come back tomorrow for some rated G blog posting.


~ by Andria on March 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “captured: boudoir beauty”

  1. My wife and I got married back in September and for my wedding present, she did a boudoir shoot and it is A-Mazing. She looks completely glamorous and the shots are completely tasteful. Ladies, you are much better looking than us, you are beautiful. Present us with that beauty within the confines of a marriage relationship. Its a great gift that keeps us warm during those cold nights when you are away.

  2. wow thank you matt! I bet she looked bomb and I’m so happy to hear you guys had such a great experience with this type of work as well. i totally agree and believe its just the most beautiful gift to give. go whit.

  3. ah they’re so amazing! She is seriously gorgeous. You captured her perfectly. I would love to do a boudoir shoot for my husband-to-be! we’re getting married in August… hmmm…

    Wish we could see more, but completely understand the reason we can’t and think that’s awesome you respect your client’s wishes and privacy! She’s gorgeous

  4. Andria – your photos are amazing! I loved doing my boudoir session and highly recommend it to any woman. It’s seriously one of Matt’s favorite things…it was well worth it! P.S. Cant’ wait to see the cute pics of the Kavulla kids!!

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