captured: sugar babies

I have had a long love relationship with sugar. I believe when I was about 8 years old, my entire mouth was filled with cavities. I hated the prick from the dentist but I loved suckers, ice cream, chico sticks, charlston chews. All of it. As I’ve grown up the love has stuck with me but I’ve tried to learn to control it – for dental costs, of course. Now, boys like candy too but girls just look way cuter eating it. That’s my opinion, but still. It’s true. So, when I was asked to do a session for these two little girls, I instantly thought “yes! We can use candy!” and we did. Charli Grace and Layni Joy. Could their names be any cuter? Their auntie, April, contacted me for a Half 4 Haiti session as a surprise for her sister and brother-in-law. We met up at Carkeek park – a new park for me – and got to work. I was the Johnny Cash in the park. The only girl wearing black on a nice spring like day. Woops. I need to start switching out my sad winters for some happy springs.

These girls seriously loved me. And why wouldn’t they? I gave them an opportunity to eat a sucker the size of their head, play with cotton candy, spin some pin wheels, roll on a giant ball, and lay on a bed of candy. That’s every girls dream. We laughed, giggled, ate (yes, I had some cotton candy) and pranced around. April is a really sweet aunt. She stole them away for an afternoon for this secret time which will most likely be ruined by that little mouth of Charli’s. oh well. Hopefully the photos will still be good. Surprise or not. So take a look at these two little ladies. I’m afraid the 1 /& ½-ness of Layni got a little tired of the camera so there may be a few more of the big sis. No favoritism, I promise. Here they are two cutsies.

How about some color?



and the big sis

Love their personality and spunk. Unfortunately, I didnt think of what would happen when we took the candy away. when the hands got all sticky. all that. but still, we had fun and its been something i have wanted to incorporate for a while now. happy friday. im SO SO excited to be showing off something that also includes SUGAR on Monday. but this is definitely not with little girls. remember that VALENTINES secret shoot i did? Ya well a few shot will be shared here soon. they are coming out.  


~ by Andria on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: sugar babies”

  1. Very very heartwarming, good capture !!! ~ M

  2. Thank you so much for capturing my little chicklets so beautifully! I can’t wait to surprise my sis and her husband with these shots!

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