Trust change. Change & Trust.

Trust and Change. Two different words and concepts, yet interlinked in my mind today. It’s no secret that I’m a creature of habit – have been and will be for probably the rest of the time my name remains as Andria. Recently, though, I have been thinking through the good that can come in both in really embracing trust and change. How bout a little story. So last Friday I went in to chat up Giovanna in her Salon + Spa, Duque, over in Ballard. We chatted through ideas and plan of how we will be collaborating here in the near future and then at the butt of the conversation, I mentioned to her I’d been thinking of cutting off all my hair. Not like bald, but definitely a change. Without even 7 blinks of my blue eyes, she was over in front of her computer screen. She had a break and shouted over to me, “get in my chair.” Wait, what? I was inquiring to her, expecting I’d be able to mull this over for at least another year before making a decision. No time. I got in that chair and in under 30 seconds she chopped the back off and said, “this is how short we’re going.”

Now, Giovanna knows what she’s doing. She is a master of “dry cuts” and has been in the business for as long as I’ve been alive. (sorry, not a poke at age there. promise.) Anyway, she got to snipping and I just sat there. Her husband (and hairstylist) Robert mixed up a potion of color and she applied it in an instant. Fast forward through an incredible head massage and hair rinse, blow out, straighten, style and shout. I was done. Now, you may be saying “Wow Andria, am I really reading a blog post about your haircut? Have you really ran out of things to share?” No. First of all, if you’re a girl (and you’re me) cutting 5 inches off your hair, the hair you’ve had the same since you were 14, it IS a big deal. My family has been trying to get me to do this for over a year. I’m stubborn I guess.

The main point is, we all approach people in their own profession/talent/skill with a need. A need, you yourself cannot fulfill. You can approach them with a need and goal in mind – but you must, you must – trust them to do their thing. I mean, did you send off your taxes and then knock on his office door and insist to watch him do it all? No. For me, there is a heck of a lot of trust when I am working with someone in front of my camera. They come to me, we talk, shoot, and then they don’t see anything until the final product is ready. I have their baby (not literally) in my hands. But what I really like is when they have a lot of trust and just go with it…that makes me feel confident and able to even trust myself. There is of course something to say for a thirst for knowledge, but I also believe that this whole thing is already a part of me and I want to trust in myself to do what’s natural, what’s my style, what I’m drawn to. I know I’m not mistakenly on this path, I know and trust that. At the same time, I’m learning to take the time to see others talents – like maybe, a hairstylist – and allow them to show and use their talent. Bask in the glory and get creative.

What about change?  I’m the first to admit that I don’t really like change. I pretty much eat the same things…like, all the time. This new 5-inches shorter do is definitely a change. I get so frozen sometimes when contemplating change. But what if I don’t like it? Just in this one case, I LOVE the change. How many things have I missed out on because I stuck with the regular and expected? Dang. In photography, I get really scared and nervous ahead of time – I never never want my stuff to be expected and start looking the same. But change takes a willingness to take a risk and to try something you may not have tried before. For me, that means just going with my gut and trying out a theme or an idea I just had. I’ve had a few instances where I tried something, got it back to my computer and wouldn’t you know it, that was my favorite. I’m willing to embrace change a bit more from here on out. Who knows what I’ll get. Trust and Change. It’s on my mind.

BONUS! One other thing that keeps reoccurring (and something I LOVE) is how photography has allowed me to build relationships with people I would have never met or never known intimately. Giovanna has become such a special person to me. She is a classy-beautiful-italian-queen who has heart and some serious entrepreneurial skills. Duque is her salon, you know. Annnyway, I’m here to offer you a SCREAMIN deal. Now that I have seen first hand the talent in her hands, I was thinking others should see for themselves too! So, she created a little deal for me. Live in Seattle? Need a hairstylist? Giovanna has you covered. She is a in-demand woman BUT she is here to offer up a promo, because if you’re a friend of a friend of a friend, you get deals. If you call Duque and tell them  that you are a referral from me – she will give you $30 off any cut with her. Youza. You can thnak me later. 🙂 So if you have any salon needs, give Duque a call! And tell your friends… word of mouth is the BEST advertising. I she will have you giggling in your chair – all the while, receiving a bomb cut and style.

That is all for today. A little diary on the blogskee. I know Im gonna be asked why I didnt post a picture. Sorry, no luck. You cant do self portraits with SLR’s. ok, you can, but i didnt. Ta ta. Until tomorrow. When some little girls and a bunch of sugar show up here.


~ by Andria on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Trust change. Change & Trust.”

  1. No pic to go with the story? And I see nothing wrong with writing about haircuts; did it myself in December. When I chopped off my hair. And now I miss it. 😦 Always wanting what I can’t have.

  2. I’ts about TIME you cut your hair!! your family is happy and it looks awesome for those who haven’t seen you. Great job Giovonna!! thankyou for getting her in your chair!!

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