Walking the Plank

It’s a beautiful moment to reveal your work. To reveal a project. Something you have worked on for months, given up your free nights to finish one more thing. To have a vision and see it come to life. For a handful of the Seattle Art Institute students, that happened last Thursday at the Annual Spring Fashion show down at the SODO Showbox. Now, don’t be confused the this is not the Showbox downtown. My good ol’ Google GPS fed me directions to the Showbox – and after 20 minutes of hunting for parking. Found it. Walked up to what I thought was the entrance and – well – we’ll just say the crowd did not look like the right fashion crowd. After the 6’9’’ bouncer told me the right spot was 2 miles down the road, I trekked back to my car and made my way to the right Showbox.

In my head, a student fashion show was nothing like what I first saw upon entering the venue. Everything was done with perfection. The press check-in. The runway. The entire crowd was dressed beautifully and the whole room was filled anticipation. I was asked by Mark Livingston, the director of Communications at the Art Institute, to be a “behind the scenes” presence at the show. I met him last year at the Art Institute Glitter Gala, when I pulled him from the dinner table to grab a shot of him in his spunky suit and bowtie. And that’s how we met. He wanted me to show the details and the things that the photographers at the end of the runway wouldn’t be shooting. I also could not resist taking some of the show though. It was incredible. This was not your high school textiles show. During the 40 minute show, I floated around and captured the energy and excitement in the room. The crowd really enjoyed the show and let some hoot and hollers go more than a few times.

The sponsor list included: DList Magazine, Benefit Makeup, 7 Salon, Oakley, models provided by TCM Models & Talent, A&A Printing Inc. with a list of 16 designers – 6 of those being featured designers of the show. I can only imagine how proud they were, seeing their pieces brought to life and walking down through the lights. Isaiah Whitmore took home the big one and won the best overall design as well as best spring outfit. I was happy to see some familiar faces with the media and magazine ladies as well as an old friend walking the runway. I love these events. Don’t be the girl that gets in. gets the pictures. And gets out. You don’t meet anyone that way and you’ll miss out on some fun chats. I left the venue all pumped and excited and with a bunch of pictures to go check out. Here are a few. If you didn’t get to make it out to the show – take a peek!

my favorite moment was the galwith the, how do i say it….thong getup? i couldnt figure out what  was going on as he walked down. the audience started making some noise. then he got to the end and turned. oh. she looked sick. loved that design.

ok another fun part was when Mark came up to me and asked if i’d seen the program for the show. No. we opened it up and wouldn’t you know it, my ad was on the opening page. Across the Adobe ad and above the Benefit spot. Beautiful. I designed it a bit ago, with the thought that it’d be the theme/look of my website (simple, to the point, edgy writing, white , purple, black) (more of the ads and pricing, i will show later this week.)  and then whammo it was right there in the hands of 1,500 people. thats nice.

see what i mean? you’re totally impressed right? i was happy to attend and see the awesome designs by some local and upcoming designers. The Art Institute doesn’t mess around. This event would surely change your opinion about artists being clumsily disorganized and unable to throw a perfectly professional event. well, maybe you don’t think that way – but this event would sure up your opinion on the caliber the AI holds its students to. Congrats to all who got to show. I hope it was a special moment seeing what was once a sketch and idea come to life.

~ by Andria on March 23, 2010.

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  1. you kick ass

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