captured: brand new baby girl

I’m going to be the escape aunt. You want candy. Tv. Movies you’re not supposed to. A pedicure. Shopping trip. Ice cream when you didn’t eat your dinner. I think so. My sister is an incredible parent and I have already learned from her style but for now im not a mom and I am totally down to be the escape aunt. I am also a new aunt. My sister c-sectioned her new daughter to life back in February and I have literally been dying to meet this new little pink thing. I was not able to attend her delivery like I was for her first son. “Attend” is the wrong word. I was holding up her back, holding up her side, massaging her. For hours. Now, I realize I wasn’t the one in labor – that poor girl was in labor for 24 hours and then they said he was too big to come out – which gave her the first c-section. This birthing was a little more controlled and stress-free. So, with the Adele Pandora station on in the background, my beautiful niece Avalee was born. At least she came into the world with a rich sexy voice like Adele’s.

Now, almost a month after her arrival, I was able to drive the 5 hours over to the hoppin town of Colfax and meet this little girl. With my trusty co-pilot, a new CD to chill to and a treacherous drive over the super rainy pass and winds that I thought were a sure sign of a coming tornado – I arrived and immediately went to her side [after a bathroom pit stop of course] and oooh’d and awww’d. She didn’t talk much or really do anything besides sleep, eat, poop and pee but every minute we had with her were just dandy. She is a really precious FIRST daughter for my sister and brother-in-law. Serena will be dressing her in frilly things for a long stretch of time. I recall her  telling me she told Sterling (her husband) “you better get used to this, I’m gonna be dolling her up for a long time” when he asked what was up with all the lace and pink. Keep it up. I love the lace.

I did not, however, get any photos with the lace. All skin. When you’re 5 weeks, its totally kosher to show up naked on my blog. I still can’t believe she is here. It seems like I just posted Serena’s pregnancy shoot the other day. Remember that? It’s here. I can’t forget to include my nephew – Malachi. I know everyone thinks their son, nephew, grandchild is the cutest/smartest/best child ever. I know that. But I still know that I’m right. Malachi is the funniest little firecracker ever. Who, somehow, has the vocabulary of a 27 year old and the oddest little sayings. I cant really relay all the crazy things this kid said all weekend, but I added a few of his sayings into a few photos. Just imagine them being said by a freakin funny 3 (almost 4) year old. A boy who loves superheroes and the sweets his auntie shares with him.

So here they are. My little niece and nephew.

ttle niece and nephew. 

and now a little of the big brother





a brother and sister pair


and the boy 


The funniest part of laying Avalee in this white fluffy blanky was that we lifted her up afterwards and wouldn’t you know it, Malachi discovered a little Avalee pee puddle. Haha we wont hold that against her. She is still just as cute. The just over 30 or so hours we got to spend in Colfax was really special and a great introduction to Avalee. Pretty soon she’ll be a spunky little 4 year old like her brother. But for now she is a cute little ball of pink. Tomorrow I’ll be showing some grownup girls. The girls at a fashion show and a totally different type of photos.


~ by Andria on March 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “captured: brand new baby girl”

  1. oh my gosh he looks so much like Serena in the big black & white 6 up from the bottom. I can’t believe it!

  2. totally agree Queen. he is mini-Serena through and through. and those pictures of him with Ava are heart-melting. mal definitely looks more dignified. ilu andi!

  3. Way cute! I can’t wait to meet her myself when your Sis and fam move to Spokane! Your mom is so excited to have them here!!! Nice pics!

  4. WAY Beautiful Lady! You did an amazing job of capturing their uniqueness!! Can’t wait to see them splashing around in the water down here! It’ll be SO great to have Promise be able to SHOOT EVERYONE TOGETHER!!!!! We’re scoping out potential sites next Tuesday:) You ROCKED IT!! Love YOU:)

  5. Omgosh they are the cutest kids! Wow the eyes Malachi has are simply stunning!what a personality he has.. You captured some awesome shots, love the profile one of Avalee! We are all blessed to have these 2 little ones a part of our family. You did awesome as usual…

  6. wow. these pictures make my heart melt! i may or may not have just put a picture of avalee as my desktop background! she is gorgeous and her name is so pretty! what a cute niece & nephew!

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