at your service.

Since I was a freshman in college, I’ve been a fan of mentorships. Informational Interviews. Learning from those you admire. It’s a simple concept really. Success follows success. Over the past few years I have had the privilege to meet with a ton of cool people. In my 4 year ”I think I want to do event planning for my career phase” I got to meet with so many awesome entrepreneurs and industry gurus such as the head of events for the Mariners, Directors of PR and Events at Nordstrom, almost every PR agency I could get my hands on…the list goes on. Now that I know I wont be doing event planning are those meetings and time invested a waste? No way hosay. I really highly recommend searching out individuals that you admire, contact them and meet. I have gotten some pretty awesome jobs/internships/relationhips because of it and will never top extended my network to likeminded individuals no matter where I live or what I’m doing. Enter last week and an opportunity just like I’ve been talking about.

Last year I met up with Kyle Goldie whom I introduced on here a while ago. He was gracious enough to share his path and journey with me and some tips and advice…along with some brutal honesty of my early portfolio. That’s ok, constructive criticism is always good. I didn’t cry or anything. Since then we have stayed in touch and chit chatted here and there. He came to my gallery opening and I always look to see his latest work. SO, the other day he asked If I would assist him on an 11-page editorial he was shooting out on location. I really had to think about it. Ok, not. I of course said yes and was ready to help assist on this awesome day.

So come Monday morning I rolled in to this beautiful estate and met the models from Heffner (one of which I randomly knew….love those instances!) got to meet the crew from the magazine, walk the grounds and scope out the shooting spots among a whole bunch of other assistant-like activities. Like adjusting lighting, wrapping cords, helping with hair and makeup maintenance, warming up the models – haha – and talking through concepts and looks with Kyle. It was a bomb day and a new experience for me. I have never assisted anyone before….gotta love firsts! It was definitely a different feel though than my style of shoots. Of course he had beautiful lighting equipment…when I only use natural light. He had a tripod…when I am usually hopping around or laying on the ground and rely on my own hands. He had a Louis Vitton wardrobe…and I typically just stick with what’s already in my clients’ closet. Neither one is wrong or right – just different. But I liked the taste i got from this.

It was fun, though, to see how a fashion editorial shoot goes about. From the beginning of my photography brain was formed…I have thought it’d be great to go in the direction of ads, editorial, lifestyle. We still have very different shooting styles but I would love to head more in this direction. Now, its not that I don’t like shooting regular people – You know, the ones without hair and makeup and a designer wardrobe – but I feel that I really do my best when my creativity can flow and do things that are not necessarily over your mantle type photography. As I have said before, I am still searching out my passion and where my skill makes most sense – that’s why you’ve seen such a varied portfolio coming from me. One thing I know for sure, I DO NOT want to be known as the girl that’ll do whatever. Shoot whoever. No. not to be rude, but that is just not smart branding. I just don’t know yet what I want to come to mind when you hear Andria Lindquist. In regards to photography, that is. We’ll see. In the mean time, I am happy to help out on shoots like this as well as the shoots I’ve been doing. Time will tell. Hopefullly sooner than later. But time will tell.

So, that’s that. My first experience with a fashion editorial and you’ll be able to see in magazine come April. I’ll, of course, plaster up the PDF’s then. So until then….hold your horses and come back for more of my work. Here are a few shots I got while behind the scenes and watching Kyle do his thing. I did not traipse around the whole day or document everything….I had stuff to do…but I did get a few here and there. Not exactly beautiful and creative, but this way you can see what I was up to all day.



can you get an idea of what the spread is going to look like? no. probably not, but i know the whole thing will be glorious. wait one more month and you’ll see for yourself. ta-ta.


~ by Andria on March 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “at your service.”

  1. Fantastic! Thank you so much, Andria. I’m a fan of your work 😉

  2. So glad you are getting these awesome opportunities Andria. Looks like a fun shoot. will be waiting to see more!

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