captured: tid bit hippy

This is a thoughtful post. It symbolizes something that I feel is very foundational – I believe – for my photography. It’s about coaching. Leading. Bringing out the best in another person. Seeing their beauty and being able to coach them to let you capture it.  You know, it’s a common thought that all that you do in your life…up to this moment, has prepared you. Prepped you. Taught you morsels you can then use for right where you are today. In your career, relationships, etc.  I mean who hasn’t had a relationship really teach them something? It’s often that those hard lessons are what leave the biggest imprint. All of this you know already and I’m sure you have many examples of just this concept. When you look into your own personality and characteristics…what are your strong suites? What is it that just comes natural and then how can you use that in your life. Daily routine. Career? It is so important to be able to recognize the things you are good at and marry that with your career, relationship, and where you invest your time. And I don’t think its narcissistic to know your gifts, talents and play to those. If we didn’t, there would just be a bunch of people who haven’t tapped their true potential. Those are the thoughts I am pondering as I move forward in all of this. With my personality, strengths, abilities…what aspect of photography would I best be suited for?

It is very important for me to choose a niche that I want to be known for. Right now, I have been fluttering around like an undecided butterfly. A social butterfly always…but I want to pick a spot to land and then bloom. Haha. Sorry, for the uber-cheesy analogy. I’m still figuring it all out. I do know I DO NOT want to be an everything photographer; but what am I best at? I enjoy so many types of people and interacting with various ages and in different-always-changing  locations – so should I limit myself to one type of photography. I have been really getting antsy to get a website up  (I’ll always be keeping a blog…but a website is needed mucho right now)  – and aside from the fact that it is going to take me 17 hours to pick the color/font….I am so hesistant because obviously I want to build some brand identity into Andria Lindquist as a photographer. Ok, all this probably doesn’t matter to you. Just a few thoughts to throw out there. I’d love to hear if you see a strand or style that you’d see me doing well at. Thoughts? Anyone.

OK. To the point. The coaching comes in right here. The cool part about photography is I get to meet so many different people. The tough part is that often times you are expected to meet someone for the first time and then photograph them in a way that makes them comfortable. Shows their unique spirit. Create an environment where they will pour themselves out, while being in front of a camera. I met up with Brittney in a spot I have spent countless hours working away. Now next door to that area, I did a different type of work. We had met once before and knew of each other but we didn’t really know each other. I had an idea for a shoot and she fit the part perfectly. I wanted a relaxed, hippy-ish feel. On the beach (which can be so over-used, I know) and get some sick head shots. I’ve done plenty in the past with far away artistic looking stuff, but I wanted to show her straight up. There is no hiding with this type of shooting and it takes a really confident person to do this type of stuff. She was.

I’ll wrap up. I’m in love – yep, you got it – crazy in love with this girls’ look. Her eyes are incredible. Really, I don’t know that I’ve seen green eyes like hers before. Please note that her eyes are not photoshopped. If you saw her in person, you’d know i wasnt lying. This was a shoot where I could have been perfectly happy just putting up the clean images with out ANY touches to them with my editing hands. The lighting. Her eyes. Makeup. Hair. It all was bomb and needed no retouching…but I’m a sucker for filters and different coloring so I had to play around. I really loved how comfortable she got with me. Its interesting the amount of trust a person must have for a photographer. Considering I don’t let anyone see the photos while we’re shooting, they really have no idea what the composition and look is all about. But when they just trust me and go with what I’m directing towards – like she did – I really feel that it positively affects the shots. Towards the end we got some beautiful images and really intense looking head shots. I think she looks incredible and am SO happy with how these turned out. There were SO many. I had the hardest time choosing favorites. Here are some.

actually i want to *highlight* one first, so it doesnt get lost in the mix. this is my favorite. all-time-whole-bunch favorite. doesnt she look lovely?

yep thats all I’m posting. ok, not, but i would be happy using this as a summary of her shoot ahead. Also, please let me apologize for so many head shots. i know i didnt really mix it up. but i just got sucked in. and thats kind of my focus here. bold.striaght up. up-close. from the neck up. carry on.




TOTAL fav. looks vintage right? 🙂



 i do this a lot. think i can get the WHOLE shoot into one post. well, technically i could, but it’d be WAY long and i mean i gotta bring you back for more. so thats what I’m doing. i’m only half way through her stuff and we have some sick beachy shots ahead for tomorrow.

See what I mean? She wins the award for best eyes. I would bet she actually won that in her high school voting thing. If I was a psychic, that’d be my prediction. I mean, I got “Most Likely to Become a Superhero,” which is a totally a waste of an award. You mean I waited 18 years to get a superhero award? Dang. Well her award takes the cake and so do her pictures. I am constantly learning and growing in my coaching. I definitely learned a lot on this shoot. Being able to connect with someone on a level like your old friends is from now on, my goal. Being able to make someone feel so comfortable and beautiful in their own skin that their photos portray them as purely as possible.  I feel like that happened here….I’m hoping you can see our connection right here in the images. Ta-ta.


~ by Andria on March 16, 2010.

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  1. ugh. i love the hippy headband.

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