captured: tid bit hippy. hit 2.

We’re (me and you) are back for more. More from Brittney. Her name is Brittney Beamer by the way and I really like names that have doubles. Like my newphew (who i will be putting up on here shortly), his name is Malachi McPherson. powerful. Anyway, here is the second half of her shoot and my personal favorite. The lighting was divine at this moment. I mean just what i love shooting in. I realize that a lot of photographers shoot with artificial light. and while it produces 100% pure lit subjects, i just cant get away from how natural light comes out. its just so…natural. its also a heck of a lot more difficult to shoot in. cant be too much light – cant be too dark. it has to be just right. I’m like the little red riding hood with photography. I need light that is juuuuust right. and when it comes – right now, around 3:47 p.m. – i just go crazy snapping away. so, with that, please enjoy Brittney and all the fun we had down on the beach.

starting off with another FAV from the bunch


bomb. bomb. bomb.





lastly. i made it in a photo! i love when this accidentally happens. it was the last 5 frames of the shoot and we were all comfortable with each other. im shouting out directions and looks, at then my hand made it in. i hade to include it. just goes to show my activity from behind the camera. always going.

so that is all i have with Brittney. I realize that several of the images are very alike. same compostition etc. but i just really liked them and i couldn’t leave any behind! ok, I actually left hundreds behind BUT these were worth the uplaod. i LOVE love the overall feel from her shoot. very relaxed and focused on just her. it’s funny too – and seems to always happen this way – the shoots where i have no expectation or idea of how they will all turn out…well, those are my favorites. bring a few props. a cute girl. a head band and the right lighting, and now i have some ultimate favs that will be included in my portfolio. i think she looks like a fab model. speaking of models. next up I’ll be posting some legit models and some info on an 11 page editorial fashion shoot i was a part of. yippy skippy. see ya there.


~ by Andria on March 16, 2010.

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