captured: picture perfect picnic.

Last but not least. Here is part 3 of Brynn and Matt’s Half For Haiti session. I like to think I just interrupted their little wino picnic out at the vineyard – or at least that is what we were going for here. They’ve got wine, some flowers, glasses, some books (one that oddly says “relationships..haha) and of course….some candles. Who doesn’t bring huge candles on a picnic anyway? I don’t know which set is my favorite but I do love the colors and feel going on here. They look so happy…just as if it really was summer weather out. Even though it definitely was February. We were, however, warmed if you will. Warmed up to each other and to having a huge camera in your face. By the end of the session, we are both always so much more relaxed and having fun. Why can’t it be like that in the beginning? Maybe I can figure out a way to just skip over the first part and get to this point. Relaxed. Having fun. Not that they were stiff in the beginning…but there is always a different feel to the last half of a shoot. One thing I do to try to combat any timidity or “am I doing this right?” feelings….is be really vocal. Shocking I know. Give them a thought or look…a theme….to what I feel those particular shots should be like.

Consistently, people tell me at the beginning of a shoot, “Just tell us what to do.” Ummm, kinda. Now, I will totally tell you what I want you to do…but hello I hate the robot look so really I just like to step back – Let you be yourself – and then step in with my camera. I’m not some pro baseball’er that has a 17 step routine to guarantee quality work  – that’s the best/hardest thing about all this…you have to interact and react totally different depending on the person. If you’re off – the shoot will be off. They will feel awkward. No pressure. I love that tho. That’s just an aspect that I have learned to be flexible and approach each person according to their personality and the feeling right then and there. Cuz we all learned from our 3rd grade teacher, each person is like a snow flake…no two are alike, and I’d be a fool to go into each shoot with the same approach. That just means I have to think on my feet. Get creative. Make them feel at ease. My goal with each shoot is to make them know how good they look. To be comfortable and just show me their true personality. If you do that, I’m sure we’ll get some bomb material. Ok….enough of that diary-business. Time for some imagery.





an obvious favorite.

last but not least, a little collage of faces. love these.

 that wraps up the 3 part post of Brynn and Matt’s Half 4 Haiti session. I dont know which one was my favorite. I can’t pick. i really had a lot of fun on this shoot and think the photos display them and the fun in their relationship. tomorrow. i am sharing some headshots. some beach shots. some eyes that are so incredible. tomorrow i am sharing some of my most favorite photos i’ve ever taken. i’ve been waiting. i know she has as well. they are worth the wait. see you tomorrow.



~ by Andria on March 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “captured: picture perfect picnic.”

  1. so soooo good. It helps when you have beautiful subjects !!!!

  2. Love the 2nd from the top. Definitely more like “spying” but it has a great feel to it.

  3. must have her scarf…where’d she get it?? 🙂

  4. Anthropologie. where else!

  5. 2nd up from bottom and 9th up from bottom = FAVES. love you and love brynnda too.

  6. very nice Andi, creative shots, I’m learning from you my dear!

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