captured: bubblicious. brynn & matt.

Ok, so we’re back in action with brynn and matt. I love this post. I love these photos. I am getting a little more comfortable insisting that when I’m doing a photoshoot, we have a theme. A look. A part to play. It helps them out and its just so much more fun. Everybody loves a good use of props right? Once the shoot is done and im going through the photos…its always those that I end up loving. So, I’d like to say that from now on…I’m really going to encourage those I’m shooting with to choose an overall theme. Maybe I’ll just pick it for theme…but either way…that’s the plan. Or at least we can incorporate some in a few. Not everyone has to pack gum and balloons, but you get the point.  Annywho today is a fun little one. We’ve got some bubble gum. You know the kind you used to put in your fanny pack as a kid before a long day out at the water park? The kind you try to ration yourself…just a foot this time. Its so good when it first gets on your tongue….but the glory is short lived. As a gum connoisseur myself….i only buy gum that has passes the 2-hour taste test. But for this, it worked just fine. I’ll stop talking about gum and just show the good stuff.  Some bubblicious love.





~ by Andria on March 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “captured: bubblicious. brynn & matt.”

  1. love these!! i don’t even have a favorite because i love them all!

  2. i second that.

  3. these photos are so, so, so awesome! I LOVE your style! And the bubble gum and balloons worked perfectly for them– they really embraced the fun!

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