captured: round the vines

so what happens when a couple is in love but not engaged? Can they get pictures taken? Or is that just too weird or too hard for people to just look at the fun photo rather than her left hand?  Is that ok? You better bet it is and if you said no…exit out of this page. I realize the stigma around ‘couple shoots’ but I love doing them and will never turn away a pair that that wants to document their relationship at that point in time. Ok, I got it out. Just had to. I have only had a few shoots go up where I had to preface that these are not engagement photos, and this is one of em. Oh wait, I don’t need a reason…these are a part of my Half 4 Haiti project and because these two spent time in front of my lens, we are sending money to Haiti, that’s a pretty good motive. Now …let me introduce Brynn and Matt.

I met Brynn almost 5 years ago, as we were just fresh little dumplings on the big college campus of SPU. We were on our own and free as a bird. We’ve seen each other in about every light and still remain close as sisters. She is not related to Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Gwen Stefani or any other blonde celebrity. She is, however, a blonde girl named Brynn. Matt. The first time I met Matt, you could classify that as a college campus celebrity sighting. Ahhh, Freshman girls seeing the college sophomore guys. Really rocks your world. Now, as the odd world would have it…Brynn and Matt are dating and have been for some time now. Their relationship is quite pleasant to be in the midst of. Brynn is the cheery one who really enjoyed each day and the life she lives; and Matt has a heart the size of Texas…it’s just dandy watching Brynn-o be treated nothing less than she should be.

The moment I first told Brynn about my H4H project idea, she was on board. My first supporter you might say. I got uber excited when we started chatting theme and location. We wanted these to be lighthearted, fun and not all hi-lets-be-romantic-we’re –walking-down-the-aisle. But im not promising there aren’t some beautiful romantic ones. We were on a very special location…one that is sentimental to their relationship being that they shared one of their first dates out on this vineyard. We were taking it back to the beginning. Now. I have plenty of photos to show and several bomb locations. Lets take one at a time and get to know this couple. along with some balloons. bubble gum. wine. candles. and a goat? 

enter the sweet little balloon girl. 🙂  






ok, so today is actually more of a serious-romantic feel….but thats the last of that. tomorrow we’ve got some realy fun stuff. but we’re starting off today with look 1. we had three looks total and a whole lot of photos, so dont think that im gonna put em all up at once. you gotta come back for more!


~ by Andria on March 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “captured: round the vines”

  1. uhhhhhh-mazing holy cow. brynn SHOULD be a celebrity.

  2. can’t get over your talent girlfriend…..totally amazing

  3. Andria, Great work, good eye, love how you captured the essence of a couple in love. Use of color, composition & cropping excellent. You have a great eye ! ! !
    I hope to meet you sometime.
    Ciao, ~ Mark

  4. Beautiful pictures. Your mom shared them on Facebook. She’s so proud of you. You do have amazing talent to capture the essence of this couple. Thanks for sharing your gift.

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