captured: GFL2

i dont want to remain a tease. so im handing over the rest. the rest of the photos from the shoot i did with the 5 girls. the set of friends i showed here last week. i already laid out a whole lot of writing about these 5. friendship. girls. and men getting pedicures. so i’ll skip over all the mumbo jumbo and show the good stuff. there are a lot of images to plaster up so put your seat belt on. i will say, though, it was really special to watch these 5. just as it is to watch any set of friends that seem to know eachother as family. been around each other long enough to know each others’ scars, favorite perfume, shoe size and go-to soda flavor. i think you’ll see how natural it was hanging with them and capturing their friendship. i hope these are a good summary of the dynamics between these girlies. enjoy. 




cute. cute. i really had a blast with these girls and loved how excited and appreciative they were to be doing this with me. now, they can look back when they’re old and grey and say hey….hot dang, we looked good. alright thats all for today. im super excited to be getting up the first 3 shoots with my 5D this week. yesssssss. stay tuned for a fun couple and our shoot in wine country.


~ by Andria on March 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “captured: GFL2”

  1. ok Andi you are so stinkin good, love the shadows and the reflections in the water, love how creative you are, Seriously you are GOOD!!!!
    So proud of you honey!
    Pretty girls

  2. I absolutely love the reflection shots – great eye.

  3. I totally love your work! Amazing pictures.

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