captured: girls for life

Every girl deserves to fall in love. To be whisked away by the man of her dreams. To be pursued. To fall fall fall and never worry about who knows. To spend her life with that man that seems like is meant just to fit with her. I believe that with my whole heart and am happy to have a few close to me that would check that box if asked. i do, however, also believe that a girl deserves to have a set of girlfriends – lifelong girlfriends – that will be there in that time when a girl just needs 100% girl time. Don’t deny yourselves this. We must have a few souls that care to share an evening together over sushi, bad reality TV, a huge box of toenail polish and maybe even a pint or two of ice cream. These are your girlfriends – and they are irreplaceable. No matter how in love you are, he just doesn’t look as cute with those foam pedicure sandals. Don’t force it. Stick to the females. 

You know what else? I have this. I am one of those lucky girls that now has an extended sister list; and although a state or border may separate us sooner than later (or already does)…a sister is a sister and I have some great ones. With that said, I was so honored when I was asked to capture a group just like mine – only not mine – the other day. These 5 girls met at the same school as I attended and I even knew some of them during my years there. They lived together, played college sport together, traveled together, as well as laughed, cried, (probably fought), played, got dolled up…..all together. Man, SPU breeds lasting friendships doesn’t it? [ not to mention, some marriages as well….ha.]

As a true Northwesterner, I wasn’t all too surprised when I saw the pitter patter of rain drops on my windshield only minutes before we were to meet. Think on your feet – or in your car – and I did. With the help actually of one of the girls….we thought to shoot in a venue I have been yearning to play around in with my camera. Long story short, our little indoor photoshoot got cut short due to the formalities of forms and public library privacy policies. Rules shmoooles. Well we were in luck, because just then the rain dried up and we were blessed with some incredible rays. Out on a wooden dock we played around and got to really capture each girl in the ‘studio’ I prefer. The outdoors. There was plenty of laughing, giggles, and no awkwardness AT ALL. Not even close. They were so comfortable with each other and that totally made photographing them, so much more natural. No, 1,2,3 – smile.

I’m pleased to show off these 5. I hope when looking at these (if you’re a girl) you pat your male counterpart on the back and then remain thankful for your girlfriends. Hold onto em tight, or else you’ll be scraping his corns come pedicure time. Ahh gross. That was too much and a total mood killer. Nonetheless, enjoy these 5. Their love for each other brought them back – out of state – to be reunited for a weekend and they chose to spend a portion of it with me. Cheers to girlfriends.

ok, forewarning. these are NOT all the photos. my computer is running slow. and so are my eyes. this post will just be highlighting the stop at the library. sorry for the tease. more to come tomorrow. today, you just get an introduction.


thats all. aren’t they darling.some fun ones from the pier coming soon…


~ by Andria on March 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: girls for life”

  1. What a great post & great pics too. Alyssa is my real sister and I love the photos, makes me miss her!! – Can’t wait to see the rest of all the girls!

  2. Andria I love the pictures! I can’t stop looking at them. You did such a wonderful job capturing each person. I am so excited to see the rest. Thank you so much for doing this for us!

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