out of the country.

head out of the country lately? i did. not overseas this time – but up and about to that one place – you know, the olympics? wahooo. there was no build up for this trip. usually i have a bit ahead of time to know about a trip but this time i had about a good 7 hours. the morning came. lunches were packed (names sharpied on) and we were off to cross the border. i think its fab that Vancouver is just a few hours away and that the Olympics – the OLYMPICS – were housed just a hop skip and jump away from Seattle. She’s our neighbor. i first visited the land of those French speaking northerners when i was a freshman in college. what a FUN city. its clean. the people are nice. you get to say ‘eh.’ aside from the Belarus-Swiss game, I got to enjoy a true Canadian beer or two, hold the torch (oh ya, the real one!) and cheer along with a bunch of Canadians as they put the Germans to shame. a real dandy day.

so, to the point. i had JUST gotten my new camera the night before so i was PUMPED to be toting this around with me (carefully) and watch the game through my lens. There wasn’t that many things that I wanted to snap away at…but i had to. i dont really think it shows off the beauty possible – i do not have hockey photography on my business card  – but it is what it is. Here are a few shots I got from the whole day mixed in with some from my point and shoot – sorry for any confusion. it was such a great day – from my 4am start to my dead tired return – i will wrap that little memory up and put it in my tinkerbell jewelry case and hold it tight. loved it.

Enter 5D

wait, why would you ever need to tell hockey fans to be considerate? i dont get it.

Thats all folks. i should have documented more of the day but the rain did not exactly do a good job coaxing my camera out of the bag. nonetheless, what a fantastic day. I hope others got a chance to go up and enjoy some Olympic action as well. if not, you’ll probably have to be booking a flight overseas for the next set. i have a lot to show tho, i got in plenty of hours behind the lens this past weekend and some really awesome people to be sharing. soon. soon. make it a great day. ta-ta.


~ by Andria on March 3, 2010.

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