some financially inclined souls in suits would advise you to diversify your portfolio. well, im not wearing a suit and im not diversifying. but i am investing. lets talk about it. i am jumping with joy to report some my most recent investment with you (but more so excited to eventually SHOW you). I have spoken with several professional photographers and when the topic of camera comes up: the answer has 100% been the same. They’ve all spoken highly of one single peice of equipment – the Canon 5D Mark II. I just got shivers saying it. ha. but really, it’s one fine peiece.

I realized a bit ago that i needed to step it up. to move on past my first SLR to bigger and better. It’s like a BMX racer trying to compete with the best, only they are still using their banana seat bike. they may be good, but really, it’s not gonna work. I’m – by no means – slamming my first SLR. there always has to be a first. it got me going and i will always have fond memories lugging it around Sweden and the countless times I have squeeled with delight after looking at that LCD screen on a shoot. i’m boxing up those memories and looking forward to the future experiences with my 5D. want to see what this bad boy looks like?

Ok, so what is so great about this camera? Why would i pay what i did for it? Well first of all, I cant wait just to show you the difference in imagery and let you decide for yourself – BUT – in the mean time, here’s a little bit of info. 22 megapixels. It shoots HD Video (yea, HD….as in hot dang thats frickin sweet.) Actually i don’t feel like explaining all this photography mumbo jumbo all i need to say is this is the camera that has photographers drooling and i cant even explain the beautiful images it is going to produce. If you really want to read a good review on it, check out Ken Rockwell’s review HERE.  have fun, i read it like 7 times already.

Back to the investment part. I basically went from the first SLR camera you’d ever get to the best out there. That’s a huge investment. I’m not joking around nor will i be giving up this journey. it’s just begun and i finally have something in my hands that i am thrilled to report when people ask what i shoot with. read em and weep. I will say though, over the past months I have gotten several emails and messages about what kind of camera i use, lens, and editing software. It’s so cool to get these and hear that I’ve inspired others to get their first SLR. really, I just started playing around, I had no idea things would happen like this – of course i’ll share/help! I started out with a Canon Rebel xtI and loved it! If you’re getting your first SLR, I’d highly recommend this camera, although I would say it be good to invest in a better lens than the standard 55mm it comes with. Play around, spend hours behind the lens and i’m sure you’ll be very happy with this camera. Hope that helps.

ahh lenses. how important they are. I am so happy with the 24-105 mm lens i got packaged with my 5D. It looks hot on it and is as long as my entire Rebel body and lens. thats legit. just look at it.

I canot forget the bomb Canon 430EX II Speedlite I got this past week. I’ll admit it, I am  not a fan AT ALL of flashes. I think they sort of ruin a photo. I love LOVE natural light and will always lean towards natural lighting over big flashy flashes BUT they are necessary and so helpful for some of the shoots and concepts I have in this here head – so this was a must.

Last but not least and a PERFECT top off to my set is (ok, not Canon but WAY better) a birthday present and beautiful addition to my photography family: the Incase DSLR Sling. It swoops around and opens up so easily, I just know it will be the best thing to tote my new goods around in. I’ll admit it, I’m so struck with the beauty of all this gear…I’m almost afraid to use it. haha. I’m like a new mother and I dont want anyone to hold my baby, touch her, sneeze on her. I dont want her to be exposed to the cold or elements. But soon enough, like any new parent, I’m sure I’ll get over that and my baby will be half way up a ladder without even me batting an eye. I’m not there yet, so don’t ask to even touch her. 🙂

So that wraps up my piece on investment. As any professional knows, no matter how talented you are…if you dont have the right materials, your product will suffer. I’m confident that this step in my career and in building my foundation with the right equipment will bring good things. cant wait to show off the some sick new I’ve gotten with it. Last but not least, I have to share my FIRST photo taken with it. You know, like when a business makes their first dollar and then they frame it? Well, after [impatiently] waiting for UPS (aka the Stork) to drop off my new camera, I had to try it out. I only had one soul available and so she got pulled in. Here it is: my first picture with my 5D. I think it’s sweet. Especially considering its in front of a white wall in my house, my ‘model’ had just gotten out of the shower and is wearing a sweatshirt. Take a look. I think she looks great.

More than anything and most importantly photography has allowed me to invest in people like i have never expereinced before. Even today, I was so blessed by a phone conversation post shoot and after handing off the finished images, i was blown away by the sweet compliments and hearing the joy on the other end of the phone. its an amazing thing, to be able to invest in people like this and give them a gift that lasts. one that humbles me and makes me want to do this forever.  now that feeling will just be paired with an incredible image quality. i look forward to all the people I get to put in front of my lens and the relationships I’ll be able to grow because of it. This is what dreams are made of. haha. Toodle-ooo.


~ by Andria on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “investment.”

  1. ahhh! this makes me so happy. your cam is sick nasty and you can TELL how awesome it in in your pics already. and damn brynn for looking for freaking good “right out of the shower”. love to you!

  2. oh my little KT. you’re my most constant commenter. 🙂 love u and YES i’m so so so excited to have this in my hands now.

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