captured: bsb2

this day 2. the other half of Alex.Ashleigh.Andrew’s Half 4 Haiti shoot. They are Brother-Sister-Brother. I failed to explain just how cute these 3 are. Ok, apparently boys don’t like the word cute but their interactions with eachother are….so that’s what I’m saying. At one point, Ashleigh did say that when she is out with one of her brothers, they get asked all the time if they are dating. I could see that. She and I have something in common – touch is our love language. that’s right. could be annoying to a brother. having his totally beautiful sister hanging on him. i mean, NO girl would approach him…haha….if he’s already taken. It’s better than me always getting asked if I’m the mother of my 9 and 10 year old brother and sister. Yes, I did in fact have these two when i was 12. right along with me being in Junior high. umm, no.  Anyway, You can totally see the type of relationship these guys have in today’s photos. That was them – not me coaching them to do so. I was just along to capture their spark.

also. i have included a few collages. yes, some of these photos i already showed off yesterday – but they’re better now. So im sharing again. can you feel the love in the air? (lion king line) muhahaha. enjoy. 

I’m seriously in love with this photo.

lets change it up a bit


location change

The Debo’s

love love this.

favorite photo from the whole set.

and with that, the Debo’s Half 4 Haiti session is a wrap. you’ve seen it all. I really like how much fun and how relaxed these 3 were with other and with me. i love the movement and laughter in the photos. thank the lord we scored such a gorgeous sunny day. i need more of those please. and now I’m even more excited for the H4H session this weekend. I got an email this morning…yes sessions are still available. Email me if you are interested.

I’m heading into a photo jam packed next 3 days. so that means there will be PLENTY of sharing next week. I am so excited to share what i’ve beeb up to and working on. cheers.


~ by Andria on February 26, 2010.

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