captured: brother. sister. brother.


when i was little and fighting with my older sister, I always remember my mom telling me that she and I would – indeed – be friends one day. Puh, ya right mom. Just kidding, I did in fact get through my childhood years without killing any of my siblings or losing too much of my hair (yes, girls definitely pull hair). Well, in the same way, Alex, Ashleigh, and Andrew all made it through their childhood alive and remain friends and siblings still. Ashleigh, a little darling blonde i went to school with shot me an email a few weeks ago when I did a tell-all about my Half 4 Haiti project. she wanted to take part. I yes, heck yes, lets get to work.

so we met up at a dandy open grassy knoll and picturesque colonial villagey spot and broke out the camera. I always get a little weary when working with guys/boys/brothers. did they get pulled into this? Are they going to hate getting their picture taken? I just always have this feeling guys dread being in front of the camera. so, to counteract that, we did minimal stand. pose. smile. we did have a lot of fun though. i had them running, playing, laughing with eachother (even if they did think it looked fake), flying a kite and all sorts of good stuff. when we do that, it makes it much easier on the boys. oh, but ashleigh, the camera loved her. her and her big eyes and smile. loved her. all in all a great day and I’m pretty sure the boys didn’t think this photo session was like pulling teeth.

so, if you missed the whole point of Half 4 Haiti, it’s this: someone contacts me with a need for photos. we go out. get busy. and then I donate half of what I made to Haiti. The sessions are $90 for 40 minutes up close and personal. easy as that. Ashleigh wanted to give a surprise gift to her parents and thought a session with me would be just the gift. she actually booked two sessions. the more the merrier. anywho, here they are. Alex, Ashleigh, and Andrew. i loved LOVED the kite. besides the fact that it was like a dagger flying through the sky trying to strike dead one of these 3…it made for some fun photos.

so please, enjoy these 3. this is what it looks like when you grow up and then remain friends/siblings/family.




pretent you’re the hulk. nice try. 


love this.

it’s pretty common that I get to posting and realize i have WAY to many photos to show in one setting. that is true here. we’re a bit over half way but I am gonna have to save those for tomorrow. as you can see, there is a lot of life and movement in their photos. they are fun. who do you think is the funnest sibling? haha. just kidding. that’s like me asking my mom who her favorite kid is. dont answer.  I’m excited to show the rest tomorrow. see you then.


~ by Andria on February 25, 2010.

One Response to “captured: brother. sister. brother.”

  1. holy (insert four letter “s” word) andi. these are incredible.

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