city people

i’ve been working on a project for a couple of weeks. i’ve been thinking about it for several months. well. i finished my project yesterday. after several trips downtown. scouring my favorites from the past months of shooting. i have the materials in hand. pieced all the pages together and ready to put it in front of some souls. that’s all. i got all antsy waiting to go pick it up – so with an hour to spare i grabbed my cam and went to a spot i have never really been before and certainly have not taken my camera. this is not – repeat – not the project i’ve been working on.

pioneer square. it was exactly the moment that all the 9-5’ers got out of work. like kids running out of school. the streets were packed with commotion and i got some photos of what the old heart of Seattle looks like at the cut-off point. 5 p.m. initially, I was searching out this spot for a shoot i have next weekend, but i’ll admit it, I dont know that I will be bringing those girls down there. maybe i was being paranoid, but pioneer square is a little scary as the sun is going down. plus i thought i lost my car. i survived and got some city shots. they are far from perfect and kinda raw, but i like em. they remind me of traveling and just shooting random people. i did get hollered at by a man who didnt think i should be taking his photo. sorry charlie.


a nice little outing. a nice little project. i also have a nice little project coming to real life. no, i dont want to sound like a broken record but im excited, cuz my first Half 4 Haiti Saturday session is THIS saturday! i have one – ONE – spot left for this Saturday so if anyone out there is holding back. dont. want photos. lets get after it. email me.


~ by Andria on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “city people”

  1. I love it! These pictures look like they were taken years ago.

  2. love this post!! getting so excited for 2.27 (hopefully!)

  3. These are awesome, look like pics from the early 1900’s. well they didn’t have pavement then but…. still look real old. saaweet shoot..

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