secret shoot

Secrets don’t make friends. That was  true in 3rd grade, but I recently found out that secrets do actually in fact make friends. I made a new friend through a secret photoshoot last week. I love connecting the dots and that game….count by number. Color by number? Anyway, here’s how the web was sewn. A couple of weeks ago, my phone pinged that I had an email. It was from a local gal – we’ll call her M – she wrote to me with a request. After seeing my project “Half 4 Haiti” (which you can read about here) she got the idea…or guts…to write me. She stumbled upon my blog a while ago – how, I never asked – but wanted to see if I was interested in doing, well, a secret Valentines shoot for her husband. Yes I said husband. This is not a 17 year old girl request. I’d like you to open your minds and remember that very preface. She is married. There are no rules when you’re married. Well, in a way. Definitely none with fun little projects like this.

My initial reaction was – I’ll admit it – a little hesitation. Not because I was scared or doubtful that it wouldn’t be a fun project…but you know, I’m human, I just thought “Ok what kind of stuff would I be shooting?” Well flash forward to our first email interaction and then phone call – any doubt I may have had dashed out the door as we got to chat and talk through ideas. Concepts. Themes. Umm attire. J I’ll skip to the good part. i will just say though, as an artist (yep) i want to always allow myself to accept and search out new styles, types, locations with my photography. if i stay in location and with one look, things will get boring. it’s so important to remian with an open mind and this is a perfect example of how just that can turn into a newly discovered passion.

After a rough Monday morning and getting into a little (ok, a big) fender bender  on my way out there…I arrived, gear in tow, snack in bag, and ready to rock it. She answered the door. A little blonde thing. Ok, this will be bomb. After a few minutes I got right to work. Rolled out the make up, curling irons, hairspray and combs. While I primped and pruned, she spilled their whole story. How they met – or more like how she arranged their first meeting – and how they then started to form their relationship. Her moving up from California to be a grey skied seattle married gal. After falling in love with the city (after summer rolled around a few times) and remaining in love with her groom…we arrive at her spot today. a lake place on Sammamish – the spot where she trains other women in fitness and training. Breathing. All that healthy jazz.

I don’t really know how it all worked out this way but I swear to you, her and I’s shoot and interaction was something like 2 old friends. from an outisders look in, it could seem like an awkward situation. it was nothing in the like.  I guess you could say we clicked. She actually reminded me a lot of what I’ll probably be like when I’m her age. Ok, or she and I have very similar up-bringings and I could see myself growing into a life like hers. That’s the more politically correct way to put it – although I’d totally be down to be as in shape as she is. Yep, sign me up. SO. Without spilling all the juicy details…she and I got to snapping. I cant really show you the photos. Darn. That’s a first. Although if you come back in a few posts, I may just have a few images that are ok’d to show. really, i am dying to show something. I’ve never been so excited and proud of images before. We laughed more than a few times at my reactions to the images I was getting on location. I was so so thrilled with it all. Plus we were inside. No frozen hands.

J I love secrets. I love surprises. So much. No wonder why I absolutely loved this shoot and concept. Marriage.  An incredible milestone I have yet to come to yet but man o man, I am so in full support of doing little surprises like this for your spouse. Guys: don’t email me with the same request. Haha. It wont be the same response. All I can say is that I really had no idea just how fun this would be. I had no idea that doing hair and makeup the full shpeel would be something I would want to do again. Yes, you heard me right: I want to do more.

So, Ill leave it at that. I think – I’ll take a gander – that they had a great valentines. What a fun, creative, and totally bomb gift idea. I will – soon – have more info and hopefully a few things to show you about what im taking about. I realize this could be taken the wrong way. So could a lot of things. But all I know is the fun we had, the most beautiful images that I have probably ever taken, the classy-regal woman she is, and that she and I now have this special little bond. Bring me more. And just in the ironic world it is, after a conversation discussing future moves with this…Boudoir Photography….would you know it, I got an email inquiry about doing one. I mean, is that a sign or what? Literally I cannot wait to show you at least one photo.


On a completely separate [and kid-friendly] note, I will be posting some info on that Half 4 Haiti project I have had going through Febraury here tomorrow. Pretty soon here you’ll be able to see some images. I’m talking the real good stuff. I also cannot wait a few more days until a certain UPS package arrives. Lets just say I am going from a VW Bug to a Ferrari. not literally. i know how my jokes get taken as truth sometimes. Details to come.  


~ by Andria on February 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “secret shoot”

  1. new camera!

  2. Can’t wait to see the results of this shoot Andi, Let me know when that little package arrives!! excitement coming to 11th Ave!!

  3. […] she has arrived. remember back in february when i told you about the secret valentines shoot i did, here? well, i got the go-ahead to post a few photos from the shoot. now, i’m not running a […]

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