keep sakes.

I was going through some old photos yesterday. Me as a little girl. Spaghetti faced and then playin in the mud with my sister. dress up in grandma’s clothes. High school memories. I think one of the reasons I am so in love with the whole concept of photography is that it perfectly captures one moment and holds onto it for all time. It remembers details far better than memory. What my Christmas stocking looked like when I was 5. The raw emotion in someone’s face at a particular milestone in life. Those things cant be duplicated. That’s another aspect I love. no matter how bad I could ever try – a photo can never truly be recreated. There is so much beauty – I think – in knowing that moment will never happen again. And because you had a camera there, you will be able to remember the thoughts, the feeling of that moment. The best stories are the ones you retell. Photos retell a different kind of story.

They say a picture is worth a million words (or is it a thousand?) and I really think they are. In as much as I love writing….so many more things can be conveyed in one single photo. Much more emotion is felt and I also love the freedom there is knowing that every single person will identify and think of something totally different with a photo. I tried putting my thoughts and perspective into my photography via this blog – but no matter how hard I try, people have the freedom to [skip over my words and] inject their own meaning. And that’s ok with me.

This is a diary. The past week or so, I haven’t been at a 100%. Mentally. Physically. Isn’t it all too true that in the moments where stress, worry, or just being a bit out of tune that some of the most important things tend to suffer the most? Even when you are physically close to someone, it doesn’t mean you really are there with them. One of the most rewarding aspects of being in photography is the way that I am able to connect with someone and see right into them. A couple. An individual. Me, just spending time with just them. Able to tell their story through visuals. It’s those moments that fill me up and give me juice to get through some other stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, there are irreplaceable people, friends, sisters and mentors that are far more important to me than any photo shoot or time spent editing (duh) but what I’ve been so lucky to realize and grab a hold of is just this: I think it is God’s deepest desire for us to be able to be refueled by those moments he specifically gave each of us a talent in. its so different for everyone. Running. Being a genius with numbers. Taking care of others. Sales. If everyone had the same passion and talent our world wouldn’t go round. Afterall, you better bet I am thankful for that person that gets a high off of doing my accounting.

What’s your high? Have you found something that never feels like work? Something that literally breathes life and joy into your life? I’ve known about a few things that do that for me over the past few years, mostly people who always have my best interests in mind – but most recently, photography has been that outlet, that way to connect and bless others, that thing that makes me feel like I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. My hope is that everyone would take a hold of just that thing that breathes life into them. Writing is so therapeutic for me. Just getting this post out centers me. I don’t know why I feel the need to share all of it. But it’s a flat out reminder for me to remember the people, the family, the real things that matter and those things I just need to let slide right off. Like water off a ducks back. I cannot say how much I am looking forward to the future. I have ideas, hopes, goals and plans. I have been blessed to have been able to inch towards them up to this point – but I am going on the record to not be afraid or fear going into the unknown. Everything up to this point has been trial and error. I definitely wont be doing all of the things correctly. But I love learning as I go. And I love sharing the things I learn on here.

Good things are to come. That I am positive. I am blessed to have a support and so lucky to have found this passion. Now its time to get out of the blocks and really get after it. If anything I hope – maybe – someone out there can resonate with me and also be encouraged. To see your true talents. Passion. Strengths. And go after a life that takes full advantage of it. Everyone is different. I was reminded of that in someone’s words on Sunday. Tap into your talent. And in as much as it is tempting to let the odds get you down or the harsh percentages of success keep popping up – I doubt the true innovators of our history ever let those thoughts take clout over their dreams. Im trusting in that. sorry, move out of my way.  Im excited for the unknown to become reality.

{ reveal }

I’m not usually down to tell secrets. but tomorrow i will be disclosing some details and as much info as i can about a little secret i did. curious? it has to do with the previous holiday. ok, aside from presidents day. that was totally a fluke that there were two in a row. i just wish it didnt all have to be a secret.


~ by Andria on February 16, 2010.

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