Date Savers.

the build up to an event is almost just as good as the actual event. birthdays. christmas. graduation. your wedding. Heather and Trevor have 120-something days until their date and I’m sure the anticipation is building. The planning, organizing, thinking, brainstorming, preparing really are such great parts and I love the build up. It’s like waiting for Thanksgiving to come. You know the meal is going to be bomb, the family laughs a hoot, and the dessert….the best part. But then it comes and then its over. Of course the event is great. but you must enjoy all the things prior. really draw it out. who doesn’t love pulling that turkey neck and gizzards out of the turkeys belly anyway? 🙂 in the same way, each little to-do is just another wonderful aspect of the journey to the nuptials.

back to the point. Heather and Trevor are months away from their big day and in as their day would be special with just the two of them – they sort of want to share it with their family, friends and loved ones…and me. 🙂  An invitation is a must. but to really get their guests’ appetites brewing….they send out Save The Dates. I put a little time into this project and came up with a few save the dates. now, I haven’t gotten the go ahead from the Bride as far as favorites – she is a busy girl – so I just stepped out and picked a few of my favorites. who knows, I may be making some more. switching the photos around, but here’s a couple in my practice run. what do you think. any favorites?



i cant get enough of this pic. so dreamy.

not a Save The Date….but still, a fun little something.

i know that not everyone likes text on their photos. Save The Dates give me the perfect excuse to play around with text, captions and font. its the best art project ever. I’m happy to share my projects. just a little something i do for the engaged couples who hire me. come on back at the end of june and you’ll see these two tie the knot. thanks for stopping by. (remember, that line is from a movie…..can anyone guess?) have a great weekend. full of candy hearts. roses. and smooshy little faces full of love. i love this holiday.


~ by Andria on February 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Date Savers.”

  1. I love the pic of him kissing her nose, wud like to see it w/ the last pic of them kissing on beach, I think those 2 are special… awwwwww so good Andi!

  2. I must say that I truly admire your photography and have done so for a few months now. You certainly have an eye for it!

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