there are many firsts i will remember. my first car (1967 light blue Ford pick up “Thumbellina”), my first experience with nutella (Europe 2003), my first concert (Dixie Chicks (Spokane Arena, 1999), my first time holding my nephew (March 2006), my first tatoo (summer 2005….wait, is that truth or not? you’ll never know.) February 4th was a delight because i got TWO firsts. My first niece was born: Avalee Marie McPherson. a 7 lb. C-Section baby right out of my older sister Serena. This was also my first time missing her childs birth. I’m one for two, but that’s not a first I’m celebrating. It was also my first gallery showing. Yes, my photography is on display and last Thursday was my first time feeling that feeling.

I am a bit more excited about the first first. I was like a giddy little kid. a kid who had too much laughing gas at the dentist. I was not-so-patiently hopping around the house waiting for my mom to call me and spit out the sex of the baby asap. “We have a little girl.” I thought it’d be a boy but i am overjoyed that a little girl has joined the McPherson family. I cannot cannot wait to 1) get over to see her, hold her, kiss her. 2) Capture little Avalee on camera. 3) Watch Malachi with his new little sister. 4) See my sister hold her baby girl. Cant wait. Having a baby really is such a crazy concept. A child is living inside of you and then whammo its out and its real and you now have a baby that you’d never be able to live without. cant wait to get my hands on that little girl.

Later that night, I was uber blessed to be joined by many friends, previous “models,” fellow church-ees, and even some people I didnt know. For 2 hours, with a little display of food and some oldies music playing in the background…i got to chat with people, walk them through the display, and just catch up with some old friends. I didnt know what it would be like. Hello, welcome to my showing. Let’s talk about me. haha. It wasn’t like that (hopefully) and I didn’t feel awkward or anything in the like. I really felt supported and blessed to even have that opportunity and it was very special for me to share that with others who have been so encouraging to me all along. / E. B. Q. S. J. / you know who you are. Some were there in spirit, due to baby welcomings and state borders. / M. B. S. KT. J. D. H. J. / all in all I am SO pleased with this first  and look forward to more.

for those who couldn’t make it. I still want to share what went up. I have 16 so I dont know that all will go up today. but here are some favorites fromt the night. I liked hearing people’s favorites. everyone picked something different. but there were a few reoccuring favs. you can find them at Q Cafe in Magnolia. You will see a description next to each photo that will explain what I think is going on in the photo. you can buy them for $90 or $120. and due to some nice emails/messages I will be offering these and others for sale. just another tab to add onto my website. but for now I can show you them this way. cheers.

Window Shopping (the overall favorite of the evening)

What’s going on here: I love watching other couples. Couples who don’t know they are being watched. There is something very special about two people who are fully content just being in each other’s presence. It is my intrigue with capturing these candid moments that has influenced my overall style of photography than anything else. On a busy Sunday Ballard market, these two stopped to rest and just enjoy being in each other’s presence.


What’s going on here: An unintended shot. I got this almost by accident and definitely did not expect to like it. Another lesson I’ve learned: some of the best material is the stuff you don’t even try for. Of course effort is encouraged, but it’s photos like this, that remind me to snap away, never aim to be perfect and – of course – don’t discredit something as unusable without giving it an unbiased eye. 

Home Sweet Home

What’s going on here:  Might sound odd, but I am in love with a city. I have been privileged to see so many countries and incredible sights from around the world; but no matter how beautiful or fascinating I find a travel spot, there is no place like coming home and seeing  the incredible Seattle skyline. I feel very much a part of this city and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. For now, at least.

Streetside Sun

What’s going on here: I captured these two girls, walking side by side, on the streets of Paris. Just down the street from Monmatre – one of Paris’ most famous tourist spots. The streets, steps and shops were jam packed with people yet these girls remain in their stroll together in a peaceful content as if it was just them up on that hill.

Catch Me If You Can

What’s going on here: The city is a place where individuals and couples live a constant-face-paced life. By 25, many are climbing the ladder, chasing their goals and leaving any half-hearted competition in the dust. The power couple: someone who is paired with an equally minded and achieving individual. Seattle boasts countless of these couples and this piece displays their life perfectly.

Warm Feet

What’s going on here: Some say “cold feet” comes with marriage. These two had just been married in London. What a fantastic location. I caught them entering a London garden with their photographer. With a couture dress and funky polka dot flats, this bride caught my eye. These two have warm feet and just began their life together.


That’s all for now. Show the rest off tomorrow.

~ by Andria on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “galleria”

  1. Andria! I am in love with your work – I wish so bad that I could have been there on your big night to just to take in all the people there admiring your work. You are unbelievably talented and I know your photos will one day be sitting on my coffee table in a book and hanging beautifully on my walls! I love you and can’t wait to see what comes of your love for photography!

  2. Andria – I passed your website along to a few friends who need pics of thier kids for Easter. You’re so talented and your photography rate doesn’t do justice to your skill. Let me know if you have a little write up you’d like me to formally send out to my friends or post within my “mom’s groups”, we could market your skill as “Spring Children’s Photos”!

    Have a great weekend,
    Kristin Behrend

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