captured: H&T. wed to be.

goin’ to the chapel. gonna get married. If I sang, I’d be singing that. Not for myself, but for Heather and Trevor. They have June 19th marked down. It’l be a pretty big day. Not only is it the day Ben and Jerry’s Icecream announced its new flavor “Cherry Garcia” its also the day that Heather will walk a long aisle to be married. AND not only do I geur to share their engagment photos with you, but I ALSO will get to share their wedding photos with you post June 19th. That’s right – they have chosen yours truly as their wedding photographer. Well look at that.

We started out at a little Ballard coffee shop and over a quick cup of joe, they shared their meeting story, journey to engagement, and a few wedding details – which I will get plenty of once that date inches closer and  closer. The wedding will take place over on the east side and the reception…an outdoor event – tent and all. in all the weddings i’ve seen – the tented ones are just mag-nif-UH-sent! cant wait for that. So after a little meeting we went out to location. I must say I’m getting quite  ready for the whole grey sky thing to quit. really. I think we were all silently praying for no rain and although we did get a few droplets, mother nature held through for us. Spring can come now, I’ll be down to start shooing with actual sun. Regardless, the sky sky kind of created a fun look to the pictures and Im excited to get these two faces out to you. Next time you see her, she’ll be in a white gown. A bit different than her leather jacket.

It’s always a fun little challenge to get a couple to be super relaxed, at ease and even laughable with me. I like the challenge. it just means I have to be creative at how i instruct them. Which typically means yelling out of nowhere. It provokes quite real laughs. Works like a charm. So here: I’m happy to show you the future Mr. and Mrs. Trver Uhler.

a save the date of course. more to come.

love this last one. cant wait to get some photos of this girl in a white gown. These two have 5 months to go and 5 months until they are a married duo.


~ by Andria on February 8, 2010.

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