between the shutters

when i met up with Kyle Goldie – a fantastic young crazed with talent sports, beauty, and advertising photographer (which you should absolutely check out HERE) – a while back, I remember telling him, “NO – I will never do studio.” Mostly because when i think of studio, i think of nasty posed photos from 4th grade. Yes, the ones where I was wearing a pastel oversized sweater with matching purple leggings. I’d still wear those leggings but i’d never be caught dead doing portrait photos at some mall or something. I do, however, have a new perspective on studio stuff. 

doing the shoot for Seduce’s website that i showed here yesterday gave me my first glimpse into what it would be like to be a studio photographer. I still think i like the outdoors, urban feel. The stuff I have to create, search and find – but I am also looking forward to doing some future work under a roof. The lighting is controlled. No one from the streets is stopping by to watch and interrupt. The rain really has no effect on the outcome. i am excited to say that i have a few themed studio shoots in my noggin (head for those of you whowere not raised with that as slang) and realllly looking forward to sharing them on here. they will be a different than anything I’ve ever done. cant wait.

BUT what i do have to share today are just a few frames i happened to click in between changes or mid-styling during the Seduce shoot. the girls didnt know I was taking them, although the massive lights going off were a dead give away. i like how they look and totally felt more at home snapping these few. not posed. natural form. i like em. take a peek.

so with that, I am signing off. its funny going into a situation I’ve never been in before and then just trying things out. i like learning that way. all in all my first real studio shoot left a good taste im my mouth (actually, no i was starving during the whole thing!) but I am eager now to try out the ideas floating around in my head.

PS. the first little bit – about meeting with Kyle – is linked to what I wanted to say about networking. I’ve always believed whole-heartedly in surrounding youself with the types of people you admire and looking to meet those that you aspire to be like.  I have had only the best results from pushing any shyness away or hesitation and just going for it. It works really in any field. i appreciate all those that I have met and that have been willing to give me a piece of advice or share a secret or a contact. maybe its just luck but I have been pleased with the all the people that I have randomly met and been able to learn from…maybe, a bit down the road i’ll be able to return the favor  and – you know, bring full circle – the advice, help and teaching others have given to me.  what goes around comes around. right?


~ by Andria on February 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “between the shutters”

  1. Hello

    Whilst browsing wordpress/photography for a little inspiration, I saw your page.

    I really like the last photo here, wonderful composition.

    Yes, I too will be learning studio lighting in the not too distant future … headshots, products etc.

    All the best


  2. i KNEW the latter sisters were in those pics yesterday!

  3. Great read 🙂 And yes, what goes around comes around for sure. I had a few amazing mentors helping me along the way, now I pass on the same level of help to those that deserve it. It’s an amazing philosophy and one that I truly believe in. Keep up the great work, Andria.

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