Local Listing: Seduce Boutique

Ah the entrepreneur. Oh the female entrepreneur. All the better. Beverly Maes is just that. If you’ve walked down the lovely shopping lane in Kirkland, you most likely have seen her ritzy boutique. Kirkland is such a great spot – it’s a darling little community, still close to the city yet far enough to have its own feel and small town vibe. Staci Mann is co-owners with Bev and since the March 2007 opening they have been growing Seduce’s reputation and client base – not only with fab clothes, but with in store events like last weeeks “Hunk, Chocolate, and Champagne” party. Seduce is a hot spot boutique that carries top notch brands like True Religion, Taverniti, Faith, Rock n Republic, Juicy and even the line from Lynn Curtin – yea, that’s right, the girl off Real Housewives of the OC. Don’t act like you don’t watch it.

I was contacted by Seduce through word of mouth  and I was so pleased to be a part of this project. Getting a website up and running is a huge task – I’ve been inching to it as well – but they are well on their way. Soon, very soon, you can see Seduce’s full website here. and when you do, you will be seeing the workings of yours truly. Last week, we gathered some models together, did a heck of a lot of changing, a few laughs, and even a few sips of champagne. Not me, no. I don’t drink on the job. Ahh, the life of a model. haha. 🙂 Anywho – after about a thousand changes, we got it all. The clothing looks beautiful on camera and probably even better on a real buyer.

This was entirely and totally different than anything I have ever done before. Usually I’m outside, with cold hands and a runny nose running all over the place. Here, I was warm and even got to sit on a chair. I went into it with the plan to just figure it out as I go. Learning as you go is something I have done a lot of. It’s fun. Turns out, I didn’t mind studio stuff. Wait, the lighting was perfect and the grey clouds didn’t affect my shoot at all? I don’t even know what to say about that. All in all, I was privileged to be a part of this project and am stoked to see the final images up on their website here soon!

Take a look through a few of their pieces. I think you will find something you like. I’m sorry I wont be putting up all 300 looks we shot. PS. The funniest thing happened. I was snapping away, getting some shots of the store pre-shoot and a girl (you know who you are) said she recognized me back from the fashion show I shot at (which you can see here)…anyway, she mentioned that she was now a reader of my blog! What a coincidence and funny happening. That was totally odd to be seen and connected to my little bloggy. Small world.


Ok, now for the clothes.

one of my favs. The Jackie O dress.

possibly my favorite dress from the whole set.

So what do you think of me switching up my style? Do you like how they turned out and will you be stopping in to Seduce sometime soon? I – personally – love the set up of the boutique. It’s a must see. There is plush seating, wicked metal floors, absolutely huge dressing rooms with chandeliers and drawn curtains. It really is a spot to check out, plus you could have the chance to meet the darling (and successful) women behind the brand. They are uber beautiful, spunky and I would bet that you would probably end up chatting with them just as much as you try on clothes. Ta-ta.

OH! So, just because I was hired to shoot their website doesn’t mean I cant throw in a few others – a few of my style shots, right? Well, too bad I am. I took some candid shots throughout the shoot and I really like them. Its kind of like a behind the scenes thing. Show you tomorrow.


~ by Andria on February 4, 2010.

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