tag along.

Some love the chase. The game, the hunt, the looking. I do too. In a way. Recently, I have done some hunting. I haven’t gotten to the point where I bring along an assistant or 2nd shooter but I have had someone there with me a few instances here lately. Its pretty fun and then when you look back at those framed pieces, you remember them there with you. That’s the one  problem I had when traveling. I missed out on sharing some experiencing with someone great. But then again, that’s what taking the photos did: allowed me to share it, with way more than just myself. In any case, I would have liked having someone there with me at certain moments. Im looking forward to getting my next new SLR in my hand, then he can have something in his hands too. Rather than just watching me. Although, that’s probably pretty fun too. 😉 Just kidding. Joking, really.

The hunting part is mostly to do with seeing something in the distance. Or seeing a picture in my head and then searching it out. You have to time it right, and be sorta patient – but if you play your cards right or are really lucky, you can get some sweet stuff. I did that the other day. On a trip to the grocery store during rush hour, I ended up at Alki. Not even close to Trader Joes, but a pretty good sight. Mount Rainier was absolutely the most incredible sight on our drive over the bridge. It was backlit and literally glowing – ever try and take a picture through the car window? Yea, they never work out. Its not even worth it, but considering I don’t use a old-school film camera anymoreI just hit delete and we’re good to go. I love the car ride there. So much anticipation. It’s like hearing the ice cream man come down the street. You know good is coming.

So anywho here are a few photos. A few sights that I saw. The end spot. I for sure want to do more like this. Have a destination in mind, see something cool, drop everything (or forget the groceries) and go. Memories are fun. I like when someone wants to tag along.


my favorite

ah yes, and some other shots I have gotten while traisping the town with another.

out on the east side.  

I realized that I have hardly been taking photos of things in my life. My friends. Me. All that. I have been capturing other people and things that I have totally been neglecting the areas I used to aim my camera at. So, with that…I’m including a shot from Barrio from a gal pal’s bday dinner. A plug for a killer eatery up on Capital Hill. Its owned by the same people as Purple (downtown) and is incredible. Plus they give you free churros when its your birthday. An entire wall of candles and pretty much complete darkness. My kind of place. I highly recommend it.

thats all for now folks. I’m happy to say the response to “Half For Haiti” is a growin. Check back soon for the dates and location deets. Did you see the new promo image I made for it? Check it out HERE.


~ by Andria on February 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “tag along.”

  1. The shot over the water at the mountain range is sooooo dope. Fantastic color, real moody stuff…love it.

    My family and I are coming up to Seattle for the first time ever tomorrow to check out a new church job opportunity, so we’ll get to check out the beauty first-hand!

  2. thank you! I actually dont even really like mtn shots but i do like that one! love the colors. Im more of a fan of the slate scheme.

    You’re coming to Seattle!? How exciting! What church are you interviewing at?

  3. I totally get the “not mountain-y” thing…Jess and I are urban jungle bunnies as well, haha. But I just liked how dramatic that image is.

    I’m meeting with the staff from Bethany Community Church in Shoreline, right near Green Lake. Know of it? Checking to see if we dig the vibe and the community there. We have another opp down here in Scottsdale too so we’re just praying we land where God wants us.

  4. agreed. and i probably wouldnt tell you you cannot compliement one of my photos. i put it up cuz it was a wicked view. regardless, urban bunny is a good description of me as well.

    Bethany Community! thats awesome, Greenlake is right where I live! Is it just you and Jess thats coming up? Wow what an awesome opporunity that you have an option down there and one up here! Well, don’t get your hopes up. Today rained, although yesterday was like a summer day. its always a toss up. have fun in Seattle!

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