Half for Haiti

The devastation going on in Haiti is incomprehensible. I know I have no way to empathize with their pain, sorrow and loss. Can you imagine losing everything you have and then handfuls of your family, friends, coworkers? Not only are you hurting, but so is every person around you. Im sure you can feel the sorrow in the air. Although, I have heard some incredible stories of the good that is coming out of this. The joy that – somehow – the people of Haiti still manage to shine with. Oh what I would give to fly over with my camera and capture exactly what is going on over there.

I have felt – just like everyone else I’m sure – that i am kind of powerless over here. Sure, I can donate my $1 at the grocery store, but that just doesn’t feel like enough does it? This is the dilemma. What do I do? I’ll admit it, I feel like I haven’t been as caring or involved as I could be since all this happened in Haiti. It’s crazy how something as horrible as that happens, and we are still able to go on with our normal day. work schedule. weekend activities. Grocery runs. I’m sure more people feel torn at just how to react to this.

I think I have found my answer. Take the things you do have control of and work with it. So here is what I have. A camera. Some spare time. I am so eager to tell you that I will be joining the growing MASS of photographers across the nation who will be donating money from their booked portrait shoots to the people of Haiti. I will be donating half of anything that comes from portrait sessions scheduled in the month of February to the Convoy of Hope – which provides clean food and water as well as aid supplies to the people of Haiti. I realize I could just donate money on my own – and I am – but I truly believe that one of the most incredible things that comes from disasters like this is the way it pulls communities and people together. Even if we are in Seattle. Even if you cant fly on over and help. We can help this way.


Originally, I had an idea to offer a fun session for couples or – yes – singles in preparation of the LoveyHoliday coming up. A little creative way to spend time with your significant other or shout “yea, that’s right Im single and Im miss Independent,” but I believe my efforts will be at better use with the Lenses of Love campaign. Here’s the scoop: Sessions can be booked during the month of February and must be “redeemed” by April 1st. I will be scheduling consecutive sessions on certain days from now until April at a central Seattle (and awesome) location. For example: Sunday, February ___, Meet, Shoot from 12:00-12:40, Next set at 1. and so on. I’ll post the shooting dates and locations soon.

The Details Flat Out

WHERE: 40 minute portrait session. 1 hour meeting time. me and my camera. First come. First serve.

WHO:  Couples. Individuals. Married duos. Kiddos. A new baby. Best Friends. Pets? (haha, maybe). Families.

WHAT: Portraits. Themed shoots. Props. Motion. Smile. Laughter. You’ll get a CD and Web Album of all images – and your shoot up on the Blog of course.

WHY: To come together. Give to Haiti. Receive some awesome portraits.

HOW MUCH: $90. Flat out. No taxes, fees, fine print. 🙂   {so think of it as giving 45, and 45 for my time, editing skills, equipment, personality.) cheers. AND: If you sign up and then refer another, I’ll create and give you a – to music – slideshow of the best images from your shoot.

HOLLER: AndriaLindquist@gmail.com / Shoot me an email and we’ll set things in motion.


That is the low down. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way. Really, I am hoping just to be overwhelmed and overbooked with these. But if I only end up doing one – and we send that donated money – I think it is worth it. Although I am excited to meet new people and take some photos through this opportunity, I truly want to do this because I feel its the best way I can give. I can give to you: some photos – fun, spunky, full of emotion and creativity. And WE can give to Haiti. To those who are going though more pain that we can comprehend. As a photographer, this is the best way I can think of helping.

Please send this link and this opportunity to anyone you think would want to be involved. I want to challenge you to think ask yourself if you haven’t given yet, can you? Would you give up one dinner at a restaraunt for this? This is not a guilt thing, its an awesome way to come together and do what we can. Plus you get photos. It’s a win-win. We’ll have fun. I cannot wait to post the photos that we get from this Lenses of Love campaign. I have a feeling they will be full of emotion.

The sessions will be light hearted. Low key. Fun. Please don’t be bashful. Scared of the camera? Ya I understand – maybe – until you come shoot with me and see there is nothing to be bashful about. I guarantee a good time. Want some sweet individual shots? great. Family photos? Awesome. A couple who wants Vday photos. All the better. Anyone qualifies as a great candidate. Lets do it.

PS. I got a new lense and it takes awesome up close and intense portraits. thats the style we’re going for here. The lense takes photos like this:

alright. over and out.

pps. that’s my little sister. talk about a future knock-out.  those eyes. dang.

you may be wondering where the “Lenses of Love” went? Well, turns out that there are contracts, a certain organization, a set price that I would have to use in order to a part of the campaign. I probably should have inquired with the woman who started it first. She still is running a killer campaign and has a wonderful heart for starting it but 1) I wanted to do my price – a price I thought was affordable and feasible for whoever wanted to be involved and 2) I wanted to give to Convoy of Hope. No battle. No problem. But I’m heading out on my own with the “Half For Haiti” on my own. Sorry for any confusion. The money is still going to the same worthy cause.


~ by Andria on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Half for Haiti”

  1. I am so proud of you for doing this Andrea. I will pray people will get involved w/ you on this. Love your Heart!

  2. […] thats all for now folks. I’m happy to say the response to “Half For Haiti” is a growin. Check back soon for the dates and location deets. Did you see the new promo image I made for it? Check it out HERE. […]

  3. […] wrote to me with a request. After seeing my project “Half 4 Haiti” (which you can read about here) she got the idea…or guts…to write me. She stumbled upon my blog a while ago – how, I never […]

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