captured: a dazzling woman

Not everyone can marry their love/passion/skill entirely within their career. I would assume there are only 27% of people that have the privilege in doing so. I – for one – constantly am reminded and thankful that I have found something in which I believe will be the perfect marriage. Just the beginning. That alone, makes me grin ear to ear and happy to be working odd hours, and investing time and diligence here. Monica Stephenson is also one of those people who managed to marry her passion with a business and career.

What started as a side job in a jewelry shop more than 20 years back, turned into a discovered enthusiasm and hunger to explore this passion further. Through her journey she has bought and sold jewelry for some of the leading independent jewelers in the US, she ran a website that linked consumers to the appropriate jewelers, impressively helped launch with their jewelry store. Most recently she spends her time running – which is an insider’s guide to jewelry. She lives just here in Seattle, yet has an unbiased, professional network across the nation. I was excited when I found out she just launched an iPhone app,  “iDiamond”which gives all sorts of information to consumers on diamonds and what a good price for a diamond if you were in store. Hello. I know pretty much nothing about diamonds – except I want one at some point to go on my left finger – what a useful app! We all know, I love a good iPhone app. (Best_Phone_Ever!)

All in all, iDazzle is a site where someone can go and receive a bit of information on jewelry – an unbiased, yet educated opinion; and that is very appealing – for the totally educated, outfitted girl or the girl who has a lot to learn about fine jewelry (cough cough, me.) She provides a voice on many topics. Rolex. The essential jewels every girl needs. Gift ideas for guys. Local boutiques. She is no parrot. No repeat topics. All from her mind and experience.

Monica found me in a funny (yet totally awesome) way. A few weeks back a local young real estate agent did a write up on me and my photography, which you can read HERE. She was all too kind, called me the Beethoven of photography and absolutely made me blush. Because of that, and her raved review, Monica took a peek at my work. She liked it and the seed started to grow. I met her at her home in Magnolia and over a lovely cup of coffee, we talked details, her story and journey, and I even did a little styling (No, I do not consider myself a stylist. Haha) and of course picked out some jewelry pieces. She wanted some professional-yet-fun-not-blah head shots for her website. She has the experience and skills down, but its amazing what a few great photos can do for a gal’s business. It’s helped mine, I know that. Wink wink.

So please, take a peek at Monica Stephenson and mosey on over to her WEBSITE, grab her iPhone app and – guys – you might think about doing the same. Seems to be that quite a few ladies are getting engaged these days. Her advice might help.

a great morning. i was really hoping the rain would hold off – and would you know it, we were in the clear. I cannot believe that not one photoshoot has been ruined by rain (knock on wood). how does that even happen. don’t i live in seattle?  I am glad to have met another woman chasing her passion. her interest. her dream. iDazzle. keep an eye on it.

tomorrow? I’m getting down to business. An invitation is on its way.


~ by Andria on January 28, 2010.

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  1. 2nd and 7th down are the bomb ajl. love.

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