captured: the female athlete

i dont have a daughter. im actually crossing my fingers for boys (when i DO have kids.) But if I do have daughters, I’m going on the record that there wont be any of this dance class, ballet, gymnastics business. Options = basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, and maybe baseball. i just think its better in the long run. with that in mind and the recent sports shoot i did, I got to thinking: man, some female athletes just rock. misty may and kerri walsh. who doesn’t envy their skill. i mean, they’re beautiful, and they can jump like 6 feet in the air. males might look good all sweaty, but just smell em. 🙂

SO. all that being said, I put together a few ads for the female athlete. Not sure what billboard I will be advertising them on yet, but i wanted to put the first looks of them up here. they are just for fun, so no body go getting offended (guys…). We all know girls are better at everything – maybe – it just so happens that we look better doing it. SO. now, without further adeiu – a few thoughts about the female ahtlete. among other images that i just couldn’t fit into yesterdays post.

 pardon my french

please, lets not be offended, take it with a grain of salt. oh, the things girls do for beauty.  

ok, now for just plain photos.



i happen to be a fan of standing on things. it totally changes the perspecitve on the photo. in this shoot, I had some really fancy hoisting device. ok, it was a garbage can. (oh, i jhust revelaed one of my high profile shooting secrets)  I hauled that thing around with me the whole time like it was my newborn infant. What do you think of the ‘female athlete ads?’ I just started playing around and made em all in a few minutes, dont judge me if you think they are too risque. They are just for fun, & we’re all adults.

 Looking back,. I really enjoyed this time and these girls. Ringing true on my whole belief that these projects help me form unique bonds with people. That is something I will never get tired of. Help me to be connected with people I wouldn’t otherwise be. My next post is a perfect example of that. met thru a friends writing. Her reading. Inquiring. Meeting. Coming soon. until then. chow.



~ by Andria on January 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “captured: the female athlete”

  1. Love, love, love the wording that you put on these pictures, especially no pain no gain… great work Andria!

  2. This was a really cool idea. The female athlete…you need to send those to under armor or nike and get those on bilboards in sports stores! haha. Great work as always! Good luck with your photo gallery!

  3. thank you! i was just looking at the photos and came up with the first one. thats how those ideas always start. with one concept. love it. Well, I would love to forward those on to nike and under armour. i’ll put my agent on it. 🙂

  4. two of my favorite girls/athletes in one photo shoot!!! i love it!

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