captured: old school sports.

i dont usually sketch out about things: I dont worry that our house is gonna be robbed, that my car will be stolen, that i will develop some odd disease or that my computer will crash and my external HD and i’ll lose everything (just kidding, I worry about that all the time.) I just ask myself, “realistically, what are the odds of ________ happening?” and then i have that amount of worry. This has gotten me in trouble a few times past. For example: I used to think paying for parking was stupid, so i rebelled and just didnt pay it. Not exactly the best thing to rebel against. Considering that now, I have probably paid for at least 2 of the Seattle Parking Enforments yearly salary. NOW i am absolutely paranoid and pay for an extra hour beyond my estimated return. Its better to safe than sorry. In this particular instance. 

i probably should have taken the “no tresspassing” sign a little more seriously on this shoot. But seriously, it’s a school field – what are we gonna do to it? we’ll be fine. Well that didnt exactly prove true when a furious (and sweaty) school principal came out to give us a stern talking to – and threaten to call the cops and have us arrested. He caught us mid-climb back over the fence – so we were pretty much caught red-handed but after explaining (in our nicest/most sorry voices possible) what we were doing, he let us go. Phew. ok. Note to self: obey the signs next time (or just hope the principal isn’t working out at the school.)

I’ve heard a few photographers say, “better to ask forgiveness, than permission.” In life, this is not the best perspective – but as a photographer, I think its a great motto and perfectly in line with my previous thought process about the odds of certain things happening. just a little thought to store for my future endeavors as a photographer. sometimes the best shot is in an illegal spot. get over it. but dont call the cops on me.

OK. to the real meat of what’s going on here. I met up with 2 kickin’ athletes the other day. Jessica and Alex. You may have seen them on the volleyball courts or the soccer field for SPU and now…UW, respectively. I have been wanting to do a more athletic themed shoot for a tinsy bit…and these two were quite ready to aid my idea. It’s not actually all that athletic. They aren’t sweaty. There are no jerseys. Only 3 of us on the field. But I do LOVE how they all turned out.

When i think of sports, I envision a lot of movement, maybe not the perfect clarity, a bit of intensity. all that. It’s a reall toss up sometimes with athletes. Let’s just say, some never transfer out of their “athlete” hat. But these two, they are gorgeous and happen to be skilled enough play a sport in college. Thats a double whammy. so here, take a peek at these two. Jessica and Alex. i love the coloring, it reminds me of the coloring in my granpa’s old school basketball photos. cheers.



– a favorite –


eyes eyes eyes



yes. this set – laying head to head – is just my favorite. love love love em.

I thought it was particularly funny how – when I had them just talking, moving, chatting while I was shooting – they started talking about the makeup they just started to wear. “Oh ya, I just learned how to do eyeliner!” “Yea, me too!” hahaha I got a kick out of them. Regardless of their make up skills, we had a blast. tried to stay warm. and didnt end up in jail? all in all, a fantastic day. i have all together way too many photos i like from these two. therefore, this calls fora PART 2 tomoro. yay for double doses. unless its robitussin.

tra la la – I have some more to show.


~ by Andria on January 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: old school sports.”

  1. you did it again. brilliant sis.

  2. what a gorgeous sister!!!!! it’s all about the eyes 🙂

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