captured: early morning fire

I’ve grown to love morning. Quite a change from my freshman in college days – but nonetheless – a great change and a love I hope to remain close to. Last week I woke up every morning to see if there was any promising weather ahead. I actually didn’t even have to get up out of bed to get my answer (which was also kind of convenient), considering I could hear the downpour through my window. Not one day – not even a chance. This week was different. Tuesday came: it was dry and I didn’t have anything on my morning schedule so I pulled on some clothes, mixed some coffee and drove over the hill. i also had such a great time, i did it the next day too.

Kerry Park is the hill most Seattle Postcards are shot on. It’s a tourist heaven, yet still beautiful and I got some of my most favorite material from a 15 minute shoot there (shown HERE). I got to the crest of 99 and my heart literally skipped. It was one of the most incredible sights I’d seen in a long time. God literally set the sky on fire that morning. It was. Sick. I – trying my best to avoid a ticket – drove only a tad over the speed limit to my destination. There were some early morning runners, another photographer and me. Didn’t stay too long – but man o man – God really one upped himself here. I cant explain the colors. Visuals might help. These ARE the colors that were in the sky. not photoshop. Here they are. 


oh hey Mt. Rainier. you came out. anyone ever notice that our mountain has the word rain in it? real creative.

ok. i played with the colors here.

sorry about the repeat wording. im still in the same city.

– this is a fav. –


I think why I like morning is because it is a fresh start. A new day. A perfect opportunity to do something great and get a gold star for productivity. The days sure do seem to be getting shorter, so getting up at sunrise probably needs to be a habit of mine. Not really sure city landscapes is what I have my heart set on, yet a great way to wake up. Makes me quite thankful, aware the beauty in simplicity and excited for the day to come. But its not all bad though – its actually quite great – I get to get up to do this. Melding. Molding. Building. A career I want very badly and cant get my mind off of, which probably has annoyed those who share close quarters with me more than once. My apologies. Really. Everything in perspective: I enjoy seeing Seattle in this light. It’s the best I’ve seen her. The coolest thing is, driving along while its still dark and seeing the city lights glowing. It sparkles. It’s like we live in an Emerald City or something.


~ by Andria on January 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “captured: early morning fire”

  1. oh my gosh you have to submit one of these to the contest!!

  2. Absolutely incredible!

  3. You’re making me want to move back to Seattle and that’s not small task 🙂

  4. my faaaaaaave blog post ever. submit it for every contest you know or i will. i love you and you have a GIFT. i’ll tell you every day if i have to so you never forget.

  5. Simply outstanding!! I want to buy one… good stuff Andi

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