captured: sea side senorita

sea side senorita. I’m pretty sure there is no spanish blood in this gal, but I’m all for alliteration which naturally got me to this title. her dress has a bit of spanish infuence, dont you think?   i’m out of words today. sometimes that happens. i feel like my brain is going too many ways and i just have no definite theme i feel like chatting through today. sorry C.

i will say, though, i really had a great time on this half of the shoot with Caitlyn. at this point, we were comfortable with each other and really started having some fun. i appreciated how she didn’t mind (or get embarrassed) at practically being on display there on the beach. laying on a giant log. running, spinning. swaying in the breeze. 🙂 i am absolutely in love with the wind. not in normal circumstances, but here…the wind picked up, picked up her skirt, took her hair all over. i loved it. the wind rocks and bring things to life when shooting outdoors. a healthy amount of it, that is. the poor thing was literally frozen at the end of the 2 hours. hence why we wrapped her up in a cozy little yellow banket i brought along. i, however, was toasty from all the running around. squating. standing. and dodging waves.

i still think that she transformed looks just by moving locations. which is great. thanks, you little chameleon. no words to share. here is Part II of her shoot.

– two favorites –

another favorite


all together favorite


i love her in B&W. I’m excited to see the things she does with her photography. who knows, in a bit, she may just be the photographer of some famous band. I am happy to extend my network and get to know a Seattleite whose life is filled with cameras. artsy projects. design. cheers.

~ by Andria on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “captured: sea side senorita”

  1. eew andi. is that the nasty blankie that was always stuffed in the wicker basket under the nesting table? ha ha, glad that thing is getting some good use (:

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