taste tester.

This is just a little snipet. I have been working on a few things to put up in my gallery – only two weeks away – and wanted to send out a little taste tester. See what you think. I recently received some unput on my work/art/pieces (whatever you want to call them) and no matter what, receiving criticism is never easy. Even though it wasn’t really criticism, only thoughts and suggestions, its just funny how a bit of me turned defensive. No really, that shot is good. Mostly because there is so much meaning behind the stuff I have been working on. Travel stuff. No, actually I took that photo on my last day in Stockholm, I was feeling ________ and I __________……. Anyway, that is the best part and most beautiful thing about having/taking photos: they tell a story and hold so many more memories than can be explained just by looking at it. But what do others think when they look at it? Do they connect with my thoughts behind it or do they come up with a totally different theme/feel and run with it? With any answer…I’ll take it. But I also realize everyone has different reactions and it may be stubborn but I’m not really planning on changing my style to suite others. I am who I am. But, please, I’ll listen to your thoughts. I am – after all – not a genius…although, some may think so. Muhahaha.

So. Here. Here is a shot of the emerald city itself. This is from my 1st sunrise shoot and after a little patient creativity, I designed this little guy. I happen to think it’s quite nice. If my room was black and white, I’d put it in there. Also, I mentioned that I don’t do watermarks. I think they are ugly and while this is still true – I realize it also allows others to take my stuff. I l don’t mind sharing – with a snack or a piece of clothing – but not so much with this stuff. So. Here goes: my first time putting my name on something. Well, sorta. I’d like to be forever attached to this stuff. So if you take it, I’m going with you. Its really not dramatic, there are no tears while I type. Most photographers do this. I’ll stop talking. 

 really? only one photo. sorry, I wont be filling your eyes with bunches and bunches of images today. check back tomorrow. This way I have your undivided attention. This way you know exactly what is my favorite and what i want to highlight. it’s this. hope you like it. i love this city.



~ by Andria on January 20, 2010.

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