captured: big time winner

I’ve been to vegas once. I gambled. I’ll admit it: I lost every penny I spent. Technically it was 100 pennies I lost, but still, i lost it all.  I’ve never struck gold on a radio contest and I’ve never won anything you enter at those street fairs. maybe its a little pessimistic, but really, when it comes to contest – what are your real chances of winning? so much false hope. wishes dashed to the ground. haha this is getting quite dramatic. my point is, Kaitlyn beat the odds, and won a contest. my contest. and I’m gonna show her to you.

Remember a while back when I had the opportunity to have a photography ‘booth’ at a local girlie event taking place at Duque Salon + Spa? Well, it turned out to be a photography cocktail table but it was a boot scootin night. met LOTS of local Seattle ladies. chatted up anyone who stopped by and even ended up MC’ing the event after the hair salon gals were too ‘shy’ to get up on stage. TONS of prizes were given away there (none of which i won) and I decided to do my own contest. Anyone who wanted to, had the opportunity to enter their name in a drawing for a 2 hour photoshoot with me. Basically i can do whatever I want – I’m my boss – and I thought it was a fun idea.

I drew Kaitlyn’s name. yessss. she and I chatted for a while and i discovered that ‘ hey, you’re a photographer too!’ which of course gave us plenty to gawk about. she does a lot of band photography. thats her dream/goal/aspiration. currently in a class taught by Nirvana’s own photographer – of which told her flat out, “Dont try to make this your career.” talk about inspiring! Maybe a dose of harsh realism. Annywho. I say go for it K. she is a doll and met me in the lovely Golden Gardens. a spot I have been realllly wanting to shoot at and I’m totally gonna go back for more. there is soo much more to see.

1 hr and 45 minutes later. one long fuzz in my eye. 2 frozen feet (hers). and 500 or so photos – we called it good. I love working with the ‘artist’ types. they’re down and comfortable in their own skin. not everyone is. I love how she transforms and goes from a tattooed chick to a feminine girlie type. like a chameleon she is. i wrapped her up in a scarf, she took off her boots, and we climbed some rocks. here is Part I of her shoot.


I just love close ups. i need to get a bomb lense thats made for it. then i wont have to litterally be 1 inch in front of their face. all in all i love the water reflections and personality she shows. even more – though – i love the scene I’ll be putting up next. we hit the sand.


~ by Andria on January 18, 2010.

One Response to “captured: big time winner”

  1. She has Beautiful eyes! fun for both of you it looks like. Love the necklace…

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