Something to Save

I sent Amy and Josh a few STD’s the other day. In the engagement and wedding world, STD means Save The Date, get it together. Since the beginning of time, or at least since Junior High, I have gotten a OCD’s-Type A’s high from projects. School projects. I became obsessed, scheduled meetings, delegated roles. Then comes the delivery: the speech. the powerpoint. Heaven. Now that I am out of junior high and a mature graduated individual – I still get all exited over projects. My future career is a series of never ending projects. But isn’t everyone’s? Annywho. Save The Dates are quite a fun project.

You don’t want a girl to have the same dress, venue, and heaven forbid the same DATE! Hence, you must save that date. For yourself. I think they are fun because it’s the first little teaser that goes out to your guests. It sets the tone, theme, and feel and puts a little reminder in their heads, June ___ is gonna be one bomb day. I love putting these together for the enagement shoots i do. if they want them, of course. I  combine their style with the best photos from the session and viola! We have Save The Dates.

I put these together for Amy and Josh and I hope I’m not ruining any surprises by posting these. I’m crossing my fingers that their whole wedding guest list doesn’t randomly already read my blog. I think my odds are good. I also think they look good here. And not because I took the pictures. They are just plain good looking. PS, I knitted together a few collages. Im guessing they aren’t planning on framing these Save The Date’s…so these can fill their frames. Everyone loves a collage.

And so here they are.  

my personal favorite. i cast my vote here.


. all together now .


what’s your vote? Not that Amy and Josh will listen, but hey give em your vote! maybe they will. I still cant believe that sparkle. gorg-eous. The cool thing about doing this, is that I really do love learning something new and different with each shoot. its a never-ending process. im a thirsty student……bring me more! Ok. Enough. ta-ta.

I’ve been working away on a few projects, so if you guessed they’re gonna be up here soon. ding ding ding. you’re right. peace.

~ by Andria on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “Something to Save”

  1. I like # 3 a well, the ring shot is fabulous and u can see the love in the kiss!! awwww

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