toot toot.

Things have been going good over at the Lindquist camp. It’s a one man (girl) camp – but nonetheless – things are swell and I’m happy to report a few bits and pieces of positive information. I don’t want to toot my own horn – really – no tooting going on here, just reporting.  okie dokie?

1st Bit. February has always been a special month for me. Aside from the phenomenal Valentines Day’s I’ve had (oh, wait…) it is actually the month that I came out of the womb. On the 21st day of the month. Well, 2010 will bring along the same amount of chocolates and then birthday wishes but I have an all new event to chock up on the schedule for this month of pink. Love. Candles and presidential birthdays. Drum roll. I was asked to be the feature artist (yes, I cant believe that “A”  word being attached to my name either) at a local Seattle café and gallery. You heard me correctly. Don’t refresh the page. I am utterly excited, thrilled, anxious and a tad nervous to do so. BUT I am pumping my fists all the way til February 4th. That’s the date. Mark it in your Blackberries. iPhones. Outlooks. I will have detailed details here soon – but I just wanted to get the word out now.

a little something something i made. gallery piece.

{ for all the city gals who live the good life. dont be ashamed. }

If you’ve ever thought, hey this girl is kinda sorta good. I like the things she does.” Well, the day has come. My art will be for sale. And you can come show your face. Support me. I never know who the eyes are behind the stats on this here blog. Don’t worry, there won’t be 16 frames filled with faces, I will mostly be doing things from my travel days, and some other random happening I am drumming up. I would LOVE LOVE (appreciate) what you all like, what you would be down to hang as art in your house, slash what really catches your eye. Fill me in. I have a really hard time making snap decisions. This is not new. So lets all pull together. Help a sister out. Sweden. Paris. London. Denmark. Seattle. Doo-dads. People in an artsy way. Text included? What do you like? I’m waiting. I will – for sure – throw up some of my favorites here. Soon.

2nd Tid-Bit. I am not – repeat – not going down to live in LA to be The Tonight Show’s portrait photographer. Just in case that joke turned rumor is still floating around. I thought that was like the best joke ever. No one got it. In comedic terms: If no one gets your joke, its not a joke. No one got it. I still laughed pretty hard. Repeatedly. But note taken. I remain a Seattleite.

3rd Morsel. You may have already seen/read/heard but I (well, not me, that be weird)….a photo of mine from Paris has been chosen to be published in a 2010 Photos of the Year book. The online photographer’s network/website takes photos from all over the world – I thought it was national – this just happened accidentally and is totally a random – yet awesome – happening. Its even MORE awesome that it enters me to prize money of $6500. Umm, hello. Send that my way. Its not a contest, so I wont be posting  a link for you to go vote on. Darn. But cross your fingers. Mama wants a new camera. $6500 would be rockin. You can buy the book – however – I am not. I’d rather you buy my art. ha.

here she is.

4th Piece. Well, It’s a thank you. Thank you to everyone for your continual messages, emails, tweet (ha), notes of encouragement. and for the spike in inquiries. keep em coming. I feel very supported. You’re all too kind. Lets be friends. Hold hands and sing ring-around-the-rosy.

That’s is all I have for now. Stay tuned for some photos that I am thinking of using in the gallery. And no, I don’t watermark them, I think watermarks ruin the photo. Please don’t steal my stuff. I mean, if you like it, come February 4th and I’ll sell it to you. If I walk in your house and you have my Seattle skyline on your wall. I’ll arm wrestle you for it. Ok, not really and I’m sure that’s my own fault for leaving it blank but come on – watermarks are ugly. Keep it real. Over and Out.


~ by Andria on January 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “toot toot.”

  1. WWow Feb. 4th is gonna be a GREAT day for my girls, You get to put your Photography in this Gallery! so awesome, and your sister is gonna have her Baby on Feb 4th. Pretty good day.
    Wish I could come see your Art on their walls. Great job Andi

  2. Good for you girl! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I liked the bowtied boy and the girl with the orange hair. Much Congrats to you!!!!

  3. Yay! I have been a bit of a lurker on your blog, but I love your photos! May I as what camera you use?

  4. lurk all you want. (: thanks for what you said! I use a Canon Rebel xTi. for the moment. bigger better equipment soon. hopefully.

  5. […] will be featured at here next week. Thursday, the 4th, that is. I wrote a tid bit about it before HERE but now i have the details and happy to share them with you. and invite […]

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