captured: All American Love

You meet a fella at a bar. He was charming and the conversation was delightful. This cant be something that would really be anything, right?  Every girl has joked around with her girlfriends once or twice after just that happens, it’s not like you just met your future husband. And its not like he’s gonna call.” Well you can smack your pessimistic friend in the face because Amy and Josh just proved you wrong – and I’m sure, millions of others – which I do not know, so I will not make up their story. Ok, that is not their whole story. It actually begins in a much more grandma-approving occurrence. They met at Whitworth – the Christian college in my own hometown (Spokane) and also the place where my older sista met her husband. Some may joke girls go to schools like that to get their  M.R.S Degree. Get it: Mrs. In any case, that’s where it all began.

I love love love looking back at the moment a couple meets, runs into each other, walks into a room and sees her, actually take his call and sets the first date – and then knowing it was that moment that set them in motion. Into the future and into their life together. Ahhh to be a sappy girl. My apologies. I am a girl.

We had a blind date scheduled for Saturday. Met as – of course – Starbucks and then over a hazelnut Americano cultivated out new relationship. Ha. I learned all about them and most importantly was totally impressed by their honeymoon choices. There was no cliché cookie cutter plans. They had a plethora of random off the chart awesome destinations. I love traveling and I have no idea how I’m ever going to decide mine, but I do know I will be following in Amy and Josh’s footsteps. Off the beaten path.

I am so lucky to live in Seattle – for many reasons – but specific to this case, I am able to head out in any direction and find endless opportunities to shoot. We went through Fremont for the awesome spots but mostly because it was where they “met.” They ran into each other over a year and a half after college at was then The Triangle Lounge but now 9 Million Unmarked Bills…sadly, their meeting spot has changed but the bricks remain the same and we captured some shots feet from where they exchanged words for the first time.

When chatting theme, attire, location with Amy a few weeks prior to the shoot…I told Amy I wanted her to wear something fun and that stands out in photos, “like right now (I told her), I’m wearing yellow leggings…) haha, Amy kindly told me they were pretty much very traditional and like the classic look. I think you will see that here – I dub them the “All American Couple” hence the title and hopefully their photos will tell a story of their personalities and temperament. As a sidnote: I typically don’t do many Black and Whites, although I LOVED these two in B&W and fell over backwards when I saw Amy’s ring in B&W. holy balls. This girl’s hand is an ad for the Shane Company. Or Blue Nile. Or Ben Bridge. Well I have no idea where Josh got the ring – but good job. High Five. And with that…take a peek.

Amy and Josh. To be Mr. and Mrs. Breda.


and these are the bricks. the backdrop where they met.

and this is what he slipped on her finger.


soon to be. their last name.


the joke is. their first house.


Aww. To kiss in front of a perfectly good stranger. How sweet. We really had a lovely time together and I am pleased to pieces to have met them – by the best way – word of mouth. They were such a fun couple to be around and I wish them all the best. Cheers. Here’s to a happy marriage and stress-free planning.

Next up to bat. A girl who is not engaged. Her finger is quite naked. But she is clothed with, beauty, ink, and kindness. She will show up here soon. Return to see one of my most favorite (again) photoshoots.


~ by Andria on January 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “captured: All American Love”

  1. i didn’t know you were posting our photo shoot tomnorrow.

  2. Amy and Josh, the pics are AMAZING! I’m so happy for you!!

  3. Great pictures- so happy for you both! Good job on the ring Josh! 🙂

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