captured: Mollee.

Double the trouble. Double the post. Here is Molly day 2. I already explained the bits and pieces about this gal HERE  yesterday…so what do I write about? (: nothing? Just post the pictures? Never! I mentioned yesterday a tid bit about my shooting style – aka – me laying, rolling on the sidewalk and innocent Ballard-ites kindly stepping over me. At least I livened things up there for a bit.  

I got to thinking about the growth. Learning. Changing. I have been blessed to be pacing through these moments of growth the past few months. It’s funny to look how I have started a little routine (typical) and way about meeting, learning, capturing each person I shoot with. I’ve said it before but I really mean it – I don’t want to be on the front side of the camera. Molly said that too. I shooshed her and said, “mmmhmm, sit down, im getting my camera out.” But it is true, once you’re used to being behind it, its hard to get in front. Sometimes I think I would never be able to be as free and open, silly and vulnerable as I expect others to be when I am with them. I give a king sized kudos to all those that have been willing to free their inhibitions and have fun with me. It is time just like this shoot that I fall in love with the photos and freak out on location.

I have showed my photos here for a long bit, explained who the person is and little nick knack personality quirks about them but I have never really shared what the process is like when I go out to shoot. Its honestly so fun, so im sharing. Here are a few morsels that may paint a picture.


Call me a cat. A contortionist. Flexi-gal. One rule: I always wear tights/nylon/ dresses combo when shooting. It is quite often (ok, all the time) that I am squatting, running to spots, laying face down on the ground, jumping up on a completely unstable surface to get height, cimbing a ladder. I cant hold still and jeans would really limit my range of motion. (: Molly made this comment, “you always get your body in the wierdest positions.” yes, molly its true.

My report cards always said “Andria talks too much in class,” go figure, that hasn’t changed. A big part – a unchangeable part of me is that I wont be quiet. I do like quiet at times but when im shooting I am constantly coaching/instructing/talking and recent feedback said that was great…so I guess I don’t have to be self-conscious about how many times I look at the play back and say, “sick. Sweet, yesssss.” And cheer.

I go into a shoot with the same rules: 1) I wont show you any of the photos while we’re shooting. (although I always get too excited and end up showing some.) 2) Just trust me, I know things may not look cool from your point of view. But just trust me. (although people typically are so down and never second guess). 3) Let yourself go. Really. Just have fun. The more they let themselves go – the better the shots. 4) My name is Andria. Not Aun-dree-uh. Don’t call me it. (ok, I’ve never said that one, yet still it is true).

Just as I requite those I shoot to be free – so must I let go, let myself be creative, think of new things, encourage the other to let their personality flow. Its just as hard to be in front as it is behind. I love the pressure (well, its not bad pressure) that the quality of the shoot depends on me and what I get. It’s a rush.

Tunes. I wont lie, I have beat-boxed to those I shoot with. Haha. You never would have guessed. Well, not really more than once but I have given them a beat. I have – numerous times – picked a kickin’ song on my iPhone, put it on the ground and let it set the mood. It totally changes the feeling. I love it.

dont force it. always a good thought. and applicable with me. I dont typically plan out details, backdrops, scenes beforehand and when we go out – i try to always let myself see something and if i instantly like it…we shoot there. if i try to force it. they never turn out. al-naturale. just let it happen.

I love shooting with add-ins. Stuff with flair. When people show up with a fun something. A clutch. A vintage item. A prop. A sick fur hat. It changes things. I will now always encourage others to bring a unique item.

Basically that is all I feel like blurting out. Lets get to the photos. Molly’s shoot is the epitome of what I wrote above. We vowed to get over ourselves and any hesitations and just enjoy our time together. I am very pleased with what happened in this hour and a half. So without further blabbing…Molly. Day two.

my absolute favorite. this is what i call an “ad for living life.” and no, i didnt get this phrase from a book.

love this records one. and yes, i was standing on something i shouldnt have been. i may or may not have broken an old shelf at this shop. shhh.

PS. A great sidenote, I got an email from Conan O’Brien today. Weird, I know. Since Molly works for him, he somehow saw her photos. I am happy to report I am actually going to be moving down to LA too and will be employed as the portrait photographer for all the celebrity guests on the Tonight Show. What an opportunity. More details to come. Most of the details will fabricate in my dreams, but still…I had to relay the news. i also have some REALLY great (and real) news to share. I will tell later. as in on here. this week. peace.

ok. this is an add in. the post has been up for a few hours and i’ve already been sent emails and texts.  people. people. i am NOT moving to LA. that was a joke. a yoke. come on. i do, however, welcome opportunities just like that and if you have one up your sleeve – send it my way.


~ by Andria on January 7, 2010.

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  1. Some more great shots. How fun and creative. Cute subject too! Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

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