captured: mini molly

There are leaders and there are followers. That’s what my dad always said – and every high school coach. There are leaders in every industry. In fashion. In music. In your family. With your tank of goldfish. Leaders are everywhere.  But it is not often that we are taught the various types of leaders. If I could go out on a personal limb – and not brag – I always have considered myself a leader. I will say, though, I’m more of this is the best way, I know how to do it, and just let me do it so it can be perfect.  Probably not the best type of leader. Another type might be better. Long intro. The is other type of leader is molly. Well, she is a girl….but she is a totally different type of girl. On all levels. The type of girl that does things – does them well – and then people eventually follow. Like with skinny jeans, flats, and loose tees. She actually came up with the idea when she was a toddler.

Molly. Mini molly. Molly moormeier. She is a little gal with a lot going on. Both inwardly and with her life. She and I met back at SPU and spent days and days next to each other in many classes droodeling away – learning how to master the world. I’d came in to class with my normal outfit on and she’d stroll in with this unique yet totally pulled together outfit – which may have been from Nordstrom but most likely was form a thrift shop or her moms high school wardrobe. Love her style. She is creating a jewelry line. We rounded out our college days side by side again down at Quest field. For hours, we sat in the blistering sun, wearing black gowns and fanning ourselves. But we lived, despite the fact I forgot any source of water – and days later I was at Molly’s goodbye BBQ.

Off to California she was. I hadn’t seen her since June when we met up the other day. back from her 60 hour work weeks at the one and only Tonight Show. Yep with Conan O’Brien. The man with orange swoopey hair. She is the music department assistant and basically gets to meet/greet/organize/take care of all the music talent when they perform on the show. Livin the dream. Well we met. I brought my camera. She brought a hat. Caught up on life and what happened in our individual 7 months. This is what I like to call an effortless shoot. I barely tried. Maybe cuz we’re comfortable with each other. Maybe cuz I found gorgeous backdrops. Maybe cuz she is such a winner. We vowed to be open and take some fun pictures. I mean, who is watching? Besides all the people who had to step over me laying on the sidewalk. Right.

I love how she looks in these. You can totally see her fun, unique self. I also love that we were able to incorporate music into our day. Molly is always spitting some bands name out her mouth and 79 times our of 83…I have no idea who she is talking about. And now, the girl who gets Conan his coffee. Ha. Not! Molly Moormeier.

a total fav.

we felt like getting a tattoo.

Tra la la. Isn’t she a doll. You totally cannot tell she is 6’1. Ok, no one will believe that. She is not tall. Not tall at all. But the girls’ got depth. And a large record collection. I will also be showing a whole nother collection of her photos tomorrow. There is just too much to show. See ya there.


~ by Andria on January 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “captured: mini molly”

  1. Awesome photos! You have a excellent eye for photography Andria. Molly’s mom 🙂

  2. Incredible work! You’ve totally captured Molly’s essence in your photos and your writing, it’s hard not to love that girl =) Can’t wait to see more

  3. Awesome photos! Andrea, you have an excellent eye for photography!
    Molly’s Mom 🙂

  4. Hello Andrea, Molly sent me an email with your site on it. Very creative work. You mention in your commentary how Molly would come to class dressed the way she does, let me tell you that started when she was in 2nd grade! Her mom left very early for work and that left me with the chore of getting her dressed and doing her hair! Well you have seen her natural hair and can figure out that it was no fun getting a brush through it. Getting her dressed wasn’t any easier. There were 6 neighbor girls on our street and they always dressed like they were straight out of Pleasantville ! Molly wasn’t wasn’t one of them, she dressed herself her way. I only had to put my foot down once, that was the night she got dressed for school before she went to bed and slept in her clothes. Good to see things haven’t changed much! She is still doing it her way, she has a style all of her own. Your photos captured the essence of Molly, very nice work.

  5. Andria….fabulously fun pictures! What great work you do and with darling and cool Molly. You both made me smile! Molly’s Mom’s friend, Annie! Bur wait…I am Molly’s friend too!

  6. Thank you all for your comments! I am thrilled that Molly’s family approves and thinks that i captured the essence of her. and i cannot believe your (scott) story about Molly growing up and her clothing decisions…i mean, it makes sense…but haha what 3rd grader has their mind of their own like that!?! molly!

  7. those are some GREAT shots!! i feel like I know her 🙂

  8. […] Double the post. Here is Molly day 2. I already explained the bits and pieces about this gal HERE  yesterday…so what do I write about? (: nothing? Just post the pictures? Never! I mentioned […]

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