SEA to Shining Sea.

A road trip can be a traumatic experience…or a fantastic one. I remember one particular road trip that goes down in the books as an all-time low. The main goal was to get my little sister from Washington to Arizona to attend college. A simple 2 hour flight would have sufficed but no – the Lindquist clan packed up a mother and father, a 6 and 7 year old in a suburban, pullin’ a trailer, behind 3 siblings (including me) in a car only allowed 400m from ma & pa – with of course walkie-talkies to talk back and forth and then to top this chevy chase combo off…a fresh little puppy. If 4 girls isn’t enough to make the pit-stops frequent…a puppy sure will. We did eventually make it to Phoenix. Luckily, I had a flight back. I think it was that experience that made me so insistent on never stopping on road trips. 

Since then I have had a bitter relationship with bathroom breaks on road trips. It totally messes up the timing and its probably not good on the gas mileage to stop and go like that. Well, I went against my own grain. I stopped along the road on my way home for the holidays. I stopped 8 times actually. I have made that drive countless times and never really noticed just how glorious that 4 hour trek is. I had my Cannon on the seat next to me and she was calling to me the whole drive. Pick me up. Pick me up. I gave in many times and captured the progression from seattle mountains to eastern washinton openness as well as the progression from sunrise to noon. Loved it. I was worried a few times that i would get ran over – only being a few feet away from semi’s blazing by at 75 MPH. i did, however, manage to steer clear of becoming road kill.

This applies to pretty much anyone that has an obsessive hobby or truly is in love with their career. The thing is, you see it everywhere. When I was doing interior design, I walked into a room and instantly knew the granite used and the type of tile beneath my feet. Totally useless stuff. Now Its really a doozy because everywhere I look…I see photos. Possible photos and think of compositions and editing I think would be great with that scene. Its impossible to get away from it. But I don’t mind. This road trip is exactly my point. Take a look and see what I mean. PS – No road kill was seen/shot/stepped on. I do love some good road kill tho. And probably would have photographed that as well, had I seen any.  And now. From Seattle to Spokane in less than 4 hours.

on the phone. on the side of the road. and holding on to my camera. a great safety combo.

…favorite traveling game “Hold your breath on a bridge” – I did not obey this while shooting here. I dont have superhero lungs.

– a favorite –

yet another favorite


For some reason the stretch of asphalt is just so appealing to me. love this last shot. this set just goes to show that doing things against your own grain can actually turn out to be a good thing. note taken. I did end up NOT stopping on my drive back to Seattle (ok, there was one bathroon pit-stop) mostly because i was just too anxious to get back to the other side of the mountains. i had people to see and presents to unpack. I think it was pretty lucky that no one was driving with me…they probably would have wanted to wring my little neck with all the stopping. But thats the beauty in traveling alone – which i absolutely learned in Sweden – you can do what you want at your own rate. You just dont have anyone to share it with. That is, unless, you have a blog. Then its all fine and dandy. Which is my case.  I am  – though – down to start traveling with other humans. I better just give em’ a fair warning of my pace while traveling. (:


~ by Andria on January 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “SEA to Shining Sea.”

  1. I enjoy reading and looking at your blog. Hope you continue your fantastic blog. Oh and Happy new year.

  2. i love you!

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