captured: red lipped vixen

Going home for the holidays can be a doozy. I mean, its great, don’t get me wrong. Seeing your family, holiday food, holiday desserts. Leftovers, grandma’s cooking, but come’on what do I do with myself after all the food is gone and I’ve caught up with the fam? I run into this dilemma every time I go home. I arrived in Spokane (yes…Spokcompton, Spokanistan…call it what you will) and after an hour of baking I rolled out to meet up with a little lady named Samantha Wilson. I wanted to counteract any twiddeling of the thumbs…so I headed right into a photo shoot with her. Ahhh to have the camera in my hands again, it seems like its been a while. 

Samantha. She also reigns from Spokane…she and I knew of each other in H.S. and then who would of known – we bolth ended up at Seattle Pacific. She is a year older but we shared the same outer circle of friends. That’s the low down. I think some she looks like a red lipped vixen – although vixen has a dangerous connotation when really Samantha is a dainty, totally feminine gal who is sweet as pie and has a voice that would be fitting to be used as a princess in a Disney cartoon. We got her all dolled up – yes, I said, “Pageant yourself up” – I knew I was speaking her language as she represented Miss WA in the Miss USA Pageant. Helllllllo and the MAC eyelashes appeared. i swear by my favorite red lipstick. got it in Sweden. made every. single. girl. i’ve shot wear it, adn never regretted it. its like magic. We trekked around the pasture, grange, and fields around her house and all went well except for the fact that we quickly lost the light of the day. winter shooting hours suck.

I would like to paint a picture of what my mind sees in the theme here. I feel like she is some sort of fantastic looking vampire. Not on all of em – but some, she is like straight out of Twilight. Red lips. White skin. Its great. I’m revealing too much about my admiration for the book/movies. Maybe some sort of horse whisperer. In any case, lets stop talking about Twilight and take a look at Samantha. She is moving back to Seattle and may just appear on here again once I’m back in my land. Toodles. PS. I did some playing around in my editing. you may notice some looking photos. it is still samantha she is not a cartoon. like this.

– and indoors we go –

MAC actually sponsored this ad. Sam and I will start getting payments from here pretty soon. ha. but really, helloooooo hunny. eyes and lips. i love this last photo. i have to give Samantha a high five next time i see her or just a coffee or gloves…she put up with the fra-eeeezing cold weather in Spokane. with no coat. i think the pictures just look cold. again, I have seen that I like shooting girls. women. ladies. I feel so free to do whatever. case in point. samantha. even if we did only have an hour to shoot.

Tomorrow another lasy will be showing up here. a little different dynamic considering she is carrying a child inside her. boy or girl. we just dont know. but i do know that tomorrow is the day a bare pregnant belly will face the world. ha. she said i have all the creative freedom…, until then.


~ by Andria on December 30, 2009.

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