family first

there are certain things that tag along with the holidays. besides most everyone’s inevitable addage of pounds – its family. desserts. ooooh desserts. its game night. its numerous memories of childhood memories and even one or two traditions…like an old movie or one or two friendly sibling arguments. who doesn’t love the holidays?!? im crazy about em. except for the doom every student/post-grad faces once they’ve been home one too many days. i have learned over the past few holiday seasons that the right amount for me run in the 4-6 day range.

everyone is different. mine mostly stems from the fact that i miss good ol’ Seattle and my normal day to day activities and way of life. One thing that added a bit of hesitation to my return home, was the thought that i wouldn’t have anything to smack down in front of my camera. well. fixed that. i have a fantastically large family and branches going every which-way you can imagine. which is perfect. I was able to try out a new lense and get really. up. close. and. personal. with my family. in a way that is a bit different than i have spent my one-on-one time with them in the past and a different style than i normally shoot. quiet. no movemoent. and right up close in your face.

This post is special for me because I talk talk talk about others that i come across and what is going on in my life – oh, but now, I can display a few pieces of the roots that have fed into making me who i am. my family. don’t be mistaken – this is only 7/58th of who i could be showing. no favoritism was  shown yet people were left out.  in any case, I am excited to show off a few beautiful people who share my last name…or at least a common ancestor.  and we’ll start off as we do in un-wrapping the presents: youngest to oldest.

 malachi. mall-ach-eye. mal.

{ my older sisters’ son }

this kid’s a total offspring of my sister and brother-in-law. Which technically is true considering what i know about the birds and bees but he is a perfect mix of these two. like a mature, wise, smart little boy who is so full of whit and life. which means he never holds still and makes photos of him even harder to get. what a hoot to be around. except for the fact that he nink-named me “cranky-face.” come’on malachi, we all know that’s not true.

a little christmas monster

Josiah. King Josiah. Siah.

{ my little brother / 9 yrs old }

ahh Josiah. all boy. no mistake there. kicked in his door (twice) at the age of 3 and has never stopped being a mighty little boy. to his credit – he is maturing nicely – and not always running around naked and yelling about bob-to-builder. we can leave that to CJ. my 22 year old brother. he is remarkably a replica of my father when he was this age.

Hope. Hopester. Hopey.

{ my little sister (physically) / 10 yrs old }

this young one has always been profoundly mature for her age. i was blown away by her presence in these photos. she literally has the mind and maturity of at least a strong 19 year old. she is sweet. a little princess. and always a servant of others. plus she has the whole blue-eyes thing going on. she is ten. thats a good (at least) 5 more years until my dad has to be on the look out. i have a feeling she is gonna be a knock-out. shoulda had boys dad. shoulda had boys.

lets frolick.

Kim. Kimmy. Johnson.

{ mom’s little brothers’ youngest daugter / 14 years of age }

i was totally taken off guard when i saw her. i  swear the last time i saw her she was like 9 and then now she has totally transformed. seriously. kids grow up way faster now that before i think. its probably all the additives in the milk.

Brook. Brookie. Broookster.

{ mom’s little brothers’ oldest daugter / the year of liscensing. 16 }

the athlete. as is her sister. this one is a quick one. on the basketball floor and soccer field. she has a quiet yet sweet spirit. she let me do her make up and doll her u a bit before we snapped a few photos. love doing that.

Alex. Alexandra. Al.

{ dad’s sisters’ oldest daughter. / 18? }

oh alex. I remember like it was yesterday. she was the one as a child who was so soft-spoken, scared of the trampoline, and remained the ‘sweet spirited one’ even as she grew up. ha. time with the Lindquist cuzzins was probably a little overwhelming for her, i’d imagine. she will be competing in the Winter Olympics up in Canada. ok, thats completely fabricated…but is a ski racer.

Meg. Meagan. Meggy (she hates that.) Little Rabbit.

{ my little sister. 20 years old }

ah meggo. her and i spent the most time together as we grew up. lived in a little dream world of HB’s, house, and barbies and kittens.  which also meant that we fought the most. we have now grown into an “adult-ish” sister relationship…but i still think she secretly wishes she could be me. muhahaha love you meggers.

Papa. Jim. James. Sprenger.

{ mothers father / age = not applicable. ha. }

i introduced him ages ago in the timeline of my blog. he was one of the first stories i ever told on here. one of the most important and most special men in my life and will always be my cowboy. he also gave me his eyes. which was a generous gift…and one i am constantly thankful for.

awwww. i love my little family and i love the bits and pieces i got to show here. but its not done. i also have an older sister. Serena. She is preggo and will be showing up here as well. but only after tomorrow’s post on the beautiful white-skinned red-lipped lady i shot only moments after my arrival to my hometown. verrrry excited to show her on this blog wall. tomorrow.



~ by Andria on December 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “family first”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been going through Andria withdrawals! I bet I know who I will get to see tomorrow? Can’t wait!

  2. Love how you captured dad’s gentle and kind eyes! the pic. of Malachi looking up looks like a pic. taken back when I was little, looks old fashioned and so cool Andi great job. glad you used my lens.

  3. LOVE the pics of poppa. and…oddly enough, i love YOU andi girl

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