Its no secret that I love to travel. I love walking through airports and their great little shops. I love the first moment you see someone upon arrival and the last few minutes of a long road trip – as long as the sweet cd mixes are going  and a few snacks are on the seat – we’re good. I also love when people travel to come see me. This just happened. Actually a lot of traveling and seeing will be done with the coming holidays, but this is about one person.

My brother came to town on the tails of Alaskan airlines. *enter grand entrance* I rolled into the SeaTac airports driveway blasting Michael Buble Christmas and saw the little kiddo. Cj is actually 361 days younger than me. Haven’t seen him since may I think (when I was on his turf) and now he was on mine. We had a lovely day catching up. Shopping. Last minute xmas shopping (the best kind), reminiscing our youth, driving aimlessly through the crazed Christmas streets of downtown for 32 minutes to NOT find any parking. Ballard came through though. Café Fiore. Introduced Ceej’er to the Ballard Market…and paroozed many many little shops, boutiques, and vintage stores. We had fun.

Its funny when your family moves away. Well its not really funny but it is interesting to go see their pad, neighborhood, neck of the woods, stomping ground. It is also odd to think about the fact that I will most likely have to jump on a plane or drive 4 hours to see a family member of mine. Makes things a tinge more special when you do get to see each other. That will happen in t-minus 2 days. Hello holidays.

Here are a few things Ceej and I saw. And of course I snapped up a few shots of him. I had to.

brother. brother. where arn’t tho. you’re here. i love visitors and showing them around. i have a feeling some of my family will be showing up on here very soon. like possible my preggo sister. black and white. bare belly. oh baby.


~ by Andria on December 21, 2009.

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