captured: Breaking Dawn

There are several times where I have actually gone to bed as the sun was coming up. Let’s just say college happened…all night studying for finals. Haha. Maybe. (:  There are, however, far fewer times that I have arisen before the sun. I typically let it be me to the punch. Not last Monday though. Nope. I beat it. It was kind of like the feeling the night before Christmas or a big event…I went to bed knowing I would be getting up early and was super excited. Laid out my clothes. Got my coffee ready. And closed my eyes waiting for dawn to roll around.   

I cannot say just how beautiful sunrise is. There is a peace and calm in the air and on the streets. Its incredible and I cannot wait to get up with the sun at least once a week…but don’t hold me to that. Moving on. I drove on through the beautiful Christmassy Fremont streets and set out to watch the sun come up over the hill. Well who would have known. Another photographer had the same idea as me. Figures. But there was plenty of sky and city to shoot so no punches were thrown. I actually got to talking (surprising, I know) to him. We shared shooting styles, equipment, editing preferences…all that jazz. It’s so fun to meet others who are absolutely sold-out-obsessive with this incredible outlet. And that was that.

I am super excited to share. I have never seen this city at sunrise…well – with a camera in hand – and if you haven’t either…this is what it looks like.

– a little something i thought up for all the rockin girls i know who wake up each day and head out to do great things….-


*sidenote* as if my morning wasn’t already started out so wonderfully. It got better. Had a little visitor join me on my day off and we set out into Fremont after a hearty breakfast and stroll through the locks.Boutiques. Coffee. Bookstore paroozing. Guitar playing. Vintage store browsing. A glorious way to spend a day. here are a few of the sights I saw.



no nudity was seen in this mini-shoot. seriously…this is considered a Playboy? ahh how times have changed.

love this one. love the book “my life in art” wonder what is inside.


I swear. One day off can totally rejuvenate you. Take time to discover something new. Get up early. See someone that is fun. I love days off. I love days like this. what’s even more exciting is days just like this could be a day at work. not even a day off. cheers to that being sooner than later.

~ by Andria on December 18, 2009.

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