captured: mockingbirds.

I’ve said it once or twice and I’ll say every time I have the chance. I absolutely love being the third wheel. Going out on a photo shoot with a couple is the best. I got the chance to do just that this past Sunday. Peter & Kaitlyn are engaged to be married. Going to the chapel. Penciled in a wedding date. Decided on forever. Great. I actually knew about the pending engagement before it took place. When I returned from Sweden in September…good ol’ peter whispered me the news  and I freaked out. Yesssss. I love when people  get engaged. Its probably one of the most exciting surprises a girl can ever get. Must. Be. A. surprise. Get that, men? Every girl wants an elaborate drawn out surprise engagement. *Mental note*  

Peter, Kaitlyn and I met up on a glorious Sunday afternoon and set out to capture these two in their newly engaged state. Hit up one of my favorite spots and tracked down some new spots. I have said before how couples have the 101 Dalmations thing where the dog matches the owner. It’s the same with couples. Some almost look like each other. seriously, its true..keep your eye on the lookout. That is a true sign of a match made in heaven. Maybe, except for those who consider themselves an ‘Opposites attract’ pair. Anyways. Peter and Kaitlyn are one of those couples. they look perfect together – as did their outfits – great work. you could call them a mockingbird couple. get it?  We have a yippy skippy time together catching up, sharing news updates and trying to stay warm.

Forewarning. It was stickin cold out. You may notice cold hands and pink noses. Don’t be fooled be the warm sun appearance. It’s a lie. it draws you out and thne shocks you with intense briskness. Our hands were numb. My feet like a popsicle and poor kaitlyn’s 2.4% body fat did not exactly keep her warm and cozy. I had them running laps and doing jumping jacks. Didn’t really help. But it looked like a couples bootcamp P.E. class. I am not, however, in the right state to be leading aerobics. Lets stick to photos.

So. I present to you the nicest, sweetest, cutest couple ever. you’ll just want to squeeze them. Peter and Kaitlyn. She is a Geoge going to Bordner. And now….another set to be wed.


one of my MOST favorite pictures I’ve ever taken

another favorite. so dreamy.


and a few fun ones before we get kicked out. nobody likes a party pooper.

time to warm up

last but not least – a favorite moment

it was one of those times when we ended the shoot and i was unsure of what i ended up getting. the sun was so bright. it was cold. turns out i should have kept my mind quiet – i love these. i’ve think i have realized when you have a couple who truly are happy and willing to do whatever, whatever with me….we will get some good photos. I am excited for these two to be another one of my first friends to be married. Dont you agree about the Dalmations concept. they just go together.

Oh me oh my. I am looking forward – so forward – to the next post. Lets just say it has to do with: the city. Me. My camera. And an early alarm clock. i could say breaking dawn….just to get a rise out of all the twilight fans out there. hahaha. yes, thats me too.


~ by Andria on December 16, 2009.

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