captured: family foursome

there are many things i love about being a 206 resident. the plethora of possible activities available every day of the week. the fact that every country, ethnicity, crazy concept is represented in a restaurant somewhere in the city. how all the neighborhoods have their own personality…kind of like Fremont, Ballard, Downtown, Belltown, Magnolia, Capitol Hill are the kids and Seattle is the parent. or how about the fact that we have beaches AND city life. take that california. anyways, Im rambling. one OTHER thing i also love is that on any shoot or outing with my camera, I will never run out of interesting backdrops, cool settings, and killer colors. it’s great, Seattle is my studio. The rent is cheap and it offers SO much, although the landlord….well, I’ll stop there. 

anticipation. anticipation. I have been longing to capture someone down at the EMP and Pacific Science Center. this place rocks. so many colors. textures. materials. SO, after the Sharp’s and I covered every inch of Gasworks we (much to my appreciation) headed to the EMP. Sure, it was cold and dang slippery, but mia and clara were troopers and pushed through the cold – ahhh, their poor little hands! – and we got to use some of the wonderful backdrops and colors that i have had my eye on for some time. i will return. hopefully with a little more warmth.

i spy something similar. you will notice that i finally got to take a few pictures with the cool metal weave thing that i also have on the top banner of this here blog. see it? i think it looks like 35mm film. the old school kind. but really, what is it? Alrighty, without further adieu…PART TWO. The Sharp Family.

i think i found a trick. bring suckers, always. haha. sorry if she was all on a sugar high after my surprises. but really, i LOVE the vibrant colors here. i need to discover a little more here in the future. This wraps it up. THE SHARPS. you have now virtually met them.

*tomorrow’s tidbit*

wednesday = a couple. engaged. 21* weather. a fun photoshoot. tomorrow.


~ by Andria on December 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “captured: family foursome”


  2. Lookin pretty “sharp”! Love the feet, especially the colorful tights and a little girl with a bit of sucker on her face! It made me giggle a little!

  3. aww.. i love these. sooo fun. great work.


  5. You are truly an amazing photographer.. would love to work with you sometime.

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